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Salary Negotiation Tips

Of all the interview games that employers play, salary negotiation is probably the most misunderstood. Employers are typically willing to pay new hires what they're worth, but some don't negotiate salary, period. Their first offer is their best offer, because they're usually offering the competitive market rate in the first place. They'll typically make that clear.

If that's the case, it's probably not a good idea to push your luck, if you're happy with the offer as is. But many other employers do negotiate, even though they don't say so.

The links below explain the salary negotiation game and help you to play by the rules, so the outcome is a win-win. Links to help you better understand employee benefits vs. salary are included.

Are You Really Ready To Negotiate?
Steps you through advice articles for job-offer and salary negotiation, and evaluating benefits and the total compensation package. From CollegeGrad, but not just for students and grads.

Calculating the Full Worth of Your BenefitsTop Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More
About considering the value of employer-provided benefits and perks when preparing to negotiate salary, such as paid vacation, paid sick leave and free or discounted health insurance. From the salary section at CareerBuilder.

Everything is Negotiable
The first in a series of helpful articles about negotiating salary, benefits, raises and promotions, in the Negotiation Clinic at Includes a free Salary Wizard for discovering how your base salary compares to others working in your occupation and U.S. metro area.

Salary Negotiation 101Top Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More
The basics, from the salary section at CareerBuilder.

Salary Negotiation Letter
A sample letter in response to a job offer, which, among other things, counteroffers the initial salary the employer offered. From Quintessential Careers. Also has several other salary negotiation tips, including the tutorial listed elsewhere here.

Salary Negotiation TipsTop Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More lists a variety of articles on various money negotiation topics, such as raises, severance pay, starting pay and signing bonuses. Register with Monster to manage your job search, post your resume and customize your jobs by email options. It's all

Salary & Job Offer Negotiation Tutorial
Steps you through the process of job offer and salary negotiations. From Quintessential Careers.

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