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Resume Templates

Resume templates are linked below. You may download one or more for free and modify for personal use to land a job, courtesy of

These free resume templates are in chronological, functional, combination and technical resume formats. Each is in two styles, as described below. All resume templates are scannable, if you don't change them in ways that would make them difficult for an optical scanner to read.

Chronological and combination resumes are the most desirable among employers. The most desirable technical resume for employers is a combination resume with a summary of technical skills or qualifications near the top, or both. The technical resume templates below have both.

It's impossible to create resume templates that fit each and every job applicant's needs. Subsequently, these resume templates are essentially basic guides that are not set in concrete. You may modify one to suit your needs; for example, you may edit, add or delete sections, or copy sections from one and paste them into another. Just be sure to stick to the format you chose.

See Resume Formats in the Resume and Letter Center for helpful information about the similarities and differences among resume formats. It includes professionally-written samples from certified, professional resume writers for each format. It's a good idea to refer to the samples to help you modify the resume template you chose, while sticking to the format.

The Resume and Letter Center also includes helpful information about designing your resume and cover letter, along with dozens of samples and examples from certified, professional resume writers.

Resume Templates Style 1

Resume templates in this style are formatted with the section headings aligned in a column down the left side of the page.

Resume Template 1
  Resume Template 3
Combination, also called a hybrid
Resume Template 2
  Resume Template 4

Resume Templates Style 2

Resume templates in this style are about the same as those above, but are formatted with the headings aligned left, just above the sections.

Resume Template 5
  Resume Template 7
Combination, also called a hybrid
Resume Template 6
  Resume Template 8
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