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Electronic Resumes

Electronic resume samples, examples, templates and formats are linked below, along with posting (pasting into online forms) and writing tips. Includes electronic resume templates you may download for free.

Electronic resume means that an otherwise-traditional paper resume is properly prepared for electronically storing, distributing, tracking and searching via the applicant-tracking software many job banks, employers and recruiters use these days.

To have the best chance at landing interviews, you must know how to format your electronic resume to take advantage of the software.

The four most practical reasons for creating an electronic resume are listed below.

1) So you may post (paste) the contents into online resume forms, such as at job banks and employer sites.
2) So you may paste the contents into email to send electronically to employers and recruiters.
3) So you may hire a resume distribution service to do both of the above for you.
4) So employers may easily scan the paper version of your electronic resume into applicant-tracking software, using optical scanners.

Other names for an electronic resume include:

  • ASCII (pronounced "as-key")
  • Email
  • E-resume
  • Scannable
  • Keyword
  • Plain-text (.txt file type)

Regardless of whether your electronic resume is in a chronological, functional, combination or technical format, it's the layout, fonts and keywords that count most for scanners and applicant-tracking software. That's what the links below are about.

See the Resume and Letter Center for scannable resume writing tips and samples from certified, professional writers.  See also Resume Writing Services and Resume Distribution Services.

25 Tips for a Better Electronic Resume
The creators of the Resume Maker brand of resume-generating software, offer these tips for composing an electronic resume (or any resume for that matter), with or without their software.

Advice and SamplesResumeEdge
Scannable resume writing tips with samples. Includes lots of resume writing tips and samples for other styles too. Free from a professional resume writing service. See Resume Writing Services for more.

Scannable Resume Design
Formatting and writing tips with a link to samples, in our Resume and Letter Center.

Download Entry Level Resume Template
Resume templates for many different majors in a choice of file formats, including plain text for electronic uses. Download for free from, which caters to college students and recent grads.

Electronic Resume Example
Plain and simple, as it's supposed to be. It's scannable and also suitable for posting into job-bank forms and pasting into email.

Electronic Resume Sample
A sample of a plain-text format that'll work well for email, job-bank posting and optical scanning.

Electronic Resume Samples
"After" samples of electronic resumes (scannable) improved by certified, professional, resume writers. Part of our Resume and Letter Center mentioned earlier on this page.

Scannable Resume Format
Guidelines for preparing your resume so employers can easily transfer it optically into a computer database (applicant-tracking software). Also includes tips for sending your resume in email or posting it in job-bank resume forms in ASCII (plain text).

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