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Creative Resume Example 2 - Page 2

This free resume example is provided to you by ResumeEdge, the #1 resume writing and editing service on the Web.Free Resume Example

About the Creative Resume Example

Below is page 2 of a creative resume example demonstrating appropriate use of graphics, designer fonts and stylish formatting. It is a computer-scanned image of the paper version, after improvements and final editing by a certified professional resume writer at ResumeEdge.ResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing

Because of quality loss from scanning, and manipulating the resulting image to fit this page and load as fast as possible for you, the creative resume example is not to scale and not as "crisp" as it was on the paper version before scanning.

If you are viewing the creative resume example to judge the quality of ResumeEdge's work, please bear this in mind. Thanks!ResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing

Creative Resume Example

Let ResumeEdgeResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing give your resume and cover letter an edge!

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