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Sample Executive Resume for a Chief Financial Officer or CFO - Critique

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About this Sample Resume Critique

In this sample resume critique, the certified professional resume writer at ResumeEdge explains the process of creating the client's "after" resume from the client's "before" resume.Sample Resume

So that you may easily compare them to judge the quality of ResumeEdge's work, both the "before" and "after" sample resumes are linked below. They are also linked from the Sample Resumes page.Sample Resume

Sample Resume Critique

Dear Anne ~

Given your impressive professional background, I chose an "Accomplishment" format to best present you to a hiring manager. 

I began with the tag "Senior Executive, CPA - CFO - VP - CITP." At a glance, a hiring manager can clearly see where you've been and where your career is headed.

The bulleted area that follows emphasizes and summarizes your most important capabilities - it also tells a hiring manager what you can do for the targeted company. Here, I described you as dynamic and results-oriented "…with an outstanding background in guiding troubled companies to greater efficiency and profitability." I mentioned your work as a consultant and that you're currently pursuing an MBA at Florida University.

In the next section, I listed your "Outstanding Professional Accomplishments." Here, beneath company and title subheadings, I detailed what you have achieved.

In your submitted resume you wrote:

"Contributed to all aspects of the development of a re-organization and turn-around plan to restore a 130-store retail art company to profitability." "Coordinated the relocation and closing of twenty-three stores including the transfer of assets and the reduction or transfer of 100 store employees." "Sold two non-profitable divisions that were not directly related to retail sales saving $1,500,000 per year." "Implemented a closed loop distribution system using Ryder Resource Services, thereby eliminating over $1,000,000 per year in distribution costs." "Coordinated the re-organization of the Manufacturing Department to provide for a more efficient procurement of raw materials using "Just-in-Time" ordering techniques and production cycles."

I revised that to read:

· Restored a 130-store retail art concern to profitability through reorganization, including:
- Closing 23 stores and reducing / transferring 100 staff members;
- Selling two unprofitable divisions saving the company $1.5 million annually;
- Eliminating more than $1 million in annual distribution costs by implementing a closed- loop distribution system using Ryder Resource Services;
- Implementing JIT ordering techniques and production cycles for efficient procurement of raw materials for the Manufacturing Department.

You'll note that I condensed the text for clarity, conciseness, and maximum impact. I realize there were more tasks to this job - however, I felt that these represent your accomplishments and listed the other duties in the "Professional Experience" section.

All decisions to modify or exclude data were in keeping with the guidelines and standards set forth by the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW). With this resume, you now have a powerful tool that's well organized and filled with pertinent data, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

It was a pleasure serving you, Anne. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

ResumeEdge Editor
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

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