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Traditional Resume Design

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Resume Graphics

There is no quicker or more effective way to capture a hiring manager's attention than by using graphics in your resume, if appropriate.

Appropriate use of resume graphics would be for those working in entertainment, the arts, creative occupations and perhaps certain nontraditional occupations. Limited use might be appropriate even for traditional and conservative occupations.

For example, graphics are appropriate to:

  • Display a logo for a Web graphic designer
  • Indicate an IT certification
  • Indicate a career field
  • Showcase work completed by a graphic designer or artist

However, even if graphics are appropriate for your occupation, don't include them in the scannable version of your traditional resume. Graphics might confuse the software that reads resume text into computers, through optical scanners.

Resume Examples with Graphics

The following resume examples indicate how you can add creativity and effectively market yourself to employers, by incorporating graphics.

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