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Traditional Resume Design

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Resume Personal Information

In the U.S., don't include personal information in your resume such as your date of birth, gender, religion, race or number of children.

It's not a good idea to include it even voluntarily. It might make employers feel uncomfortable, because of the potential discriminatory implications.

Don't include your or social security number in your resume either, as it's an identity-theft issue. The only exception for including your social security number, is when it's required for U.S. government jobs.

Other than that, never list your social security number or other extremely personal information in your U.S. resume.

However, the rules change when you are submitting your resume (or curriculum vitae) to overseas employers. Although each country has a different set of requirements, generally, most require job applicants to include one or more of the following in their resumes.

● Age, date of birth or both
● Place of birth
● Citizenship or nationality
● Gender
● Race
● Marital status
● Number of children

Hobbies and Personal Interests

Because your resume is a business and marketing tool, it's best to exclude hobbies and personal interests. This is especially true if your activities involve some perceived risk or danger.

For example, a candidate who is otherwise qualified for an important management position might not get invited to an interview, if he states in his resume that he "runs the rapids" on the weekends or participates in a parachuting club.

However, risky activities aren't the only ones to exclude. For example, a candidate who collects rare coins—an expensive hobby—might have her resume passed over for a position that involves handling coins or controlling money.

The bottom line is, hiring managers want to know what you can do for their companies. Subsequently, what you do on your own time is best excluded from your resume.

At one time, including hobbies and interests was standard in traditional resumes. But it's not necessary in modern versions. As explained above, it might even be detrimental to include them.


Not long ago, including the statement "References available upon request" was standard at the end of traditional resumes. It's optional these days, as employers now assume that you'll provide references if asked. You may include the statement to stick with tradition if you wish. But perhaps you could better use the precious resume space to land interviews.

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