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Traditional Resume Design

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Resume Name Placement

How you display your name on your resume not only personalizes it, but also sets a conservative or stylish tone for the rest of your resume. It's important that the font choice you make appeals to hiring managers in your industry.

Below are example fonts that indicate conservatism.

Note: The examples displayed below are images. Because the images were manipulated to fit this page and load quickly for you, they are not to scale and their quality is reduced. Please bear this in mind if you're evaluating the examples, to judge the quality of ResumeEdge's work. Thanks!ResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing

Times New Roman:

Resume Name in Times New Roman Font


Resume Name in Garamond Font


Resume Name in Arial Font

The example "designer" fonts below indicate stylishness, but they are about as stylish as you should get. Avoid extra-fancy designer fonts, because they might not display well on employers' computers. More about that is under Fonts & Bullets later in this section.

Black Adder II:

Resume Name in Black Adder Font

Air Millhouse:

Resume Name in Air Millhouse Font

Freestyle Script:

Resume Name in Freestyle Script Font

Type your name at the very top of each page of your resume, large enough to distinguish it from the rest of the document and make it easy for a busy hiring manager to quickly read. Include a page number on the same line as your name, at the top of every page beyond page one.

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