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Scannable Resume Design

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Scannable Resume Paper

It's important for the text of your scannable resume to contrast highly with the paper on which you print it.

That's because the text must stand out from the background, for a scanner and OCR software to "see" and interpret it correctly. The more it stands out, the better.

To make the text stand out the most, print your scannable resume in black ink only and on white, cream or very-light gray, high-quality, bond paper (20 lb). Use standard letter size, which is 8.5 x 11 inches.

When sending your scannable resume by postal mail, enclose it in an envelope that is just large enough to accommodate it without folding.

Folding makes it more difficult to lay your scannable resume flat on scanner beds. Additionally, the creases might jam scanners that have automatic paper feeders or cause shadows that will confuse OCR software.

If you can find it, mail your scannable resume in an envelope that matches the paper in color and texture. Type the recipient's and your return address on the envelope (or high-quality sticky-backed labels) instead of writing them by hand. This helps to make you look professional.

Scannable Resume Samples

This concludes the Scannable Resume Design section in the Resume and Letter Center. If you haven't yet, see the scannable resume samples written by our certified, professional resume writers.

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Scannable Resume Design
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