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Scannable Resume Design

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Scannable Resume Contact Information Placement

Street and Email Addresses

Type your street address, city, state and zip code at the top of your scannable resume. If you have an email address, it's important to provide it in the same place. These days, hiring managers often contact job candidates by email.

Because of the importance of email correspondence in a job search, it's wise to use an address that is businesslike, rather than one that makes a statement or reflects a special interest, nickname, age, etc. For example, the following would be inappropriate for your scannable resume.


Another important piece of advice, is to avoid using a work email address. Most hiring managers think poorly of job candidates who use their employers' facilities to "jump ship".

If your current email address is inappropriate based on these guidelines, create a new one specifically for the purpose through your Internet service provider or one of the free email services on the Web. For example: jane_doe@

But, avoid creating an email address at one of the most popular of the free services, such as those provided by Hotmail and Yahoo. Some employers have set up their email servers to automatically ignore such addresses, because much spam (junk mail, scams, etc.) is sent through them.

Phone Numbers

It's wise to include both a cell-phone and home-phone number at the top of your scannable resume, so a hiring manager can easily reach you. However, be certain of the quality of your cell-phone and service before offering the number. Don't risk losing a job opportunity thanks to static or signal dropouts.

It's not necessary to include a fax number in your scannable resume (or any other modern-day resume for that matter). Most hiring managers will not fax interview requests to prospective job candidates. If a hiring manager eventually wants to fax something to you, such as a job application, he or she will ask if you have a fax number.

Never include a work phone number in your scannable resume. Again, most hiring managers think poorly of job candidates who use their employers' facilities to "jump ship".


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