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Scannable Resume Design

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Scannable Resume Name Placement

It's obvious why you should always provide your name at the top of the first page of your scannable resume. But it might not be as obvious, why you should also repeat your name on each subsequent page.

Employers typically remove staples, paperclips and such before scanning resumes, particularly if their scanners have automatic paper feeders.

If one of your pages gets mixed in with other scannable resumes in the pile that also don't show names on all pages, then it might be difficult for an employer to figure out where your page belongs.

So, it's best to avoid that, by repeating your name on each page of your scannable resume after page 1. Repeat your name at the top of each page, flush left with the margin.

It's also a good idea to provide page numbers in your scannable resume, so the order doesn't get mixed up. But numbering the first page is not necessary. Number your pages beginning at the top of page 2, flush right with the margin on the same line as your name. For example:

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