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Scannable Resume Design

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Understanding Scannable Resume Technology

Optical character recognition (OCR) that reads a scannable resume was initially developed in the 70's by Ray Kurzweil, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mr. Kurzweil's invention was known as the "Kurzweil Reading Machine". Although his intent was to develop a machine to help visually-impaired individuals read printed materials, OCR technology has since become indispensable in modern business.

Today, OCR is accomplished by a combination of scanners and accompanying computer software. Generally, what the OCR technology means to you as a modern job hunter is that, initially, computers, not humans, will be "reading" your resume.

The OCR technology then stores the information it gathered from your resume in the databases of applicant-tracking software, so that your potential employers may search, display, print and distribute it electronically. That's why scannable resumes are sometimes broadly referred to as electronic resumes.

Because machines are not impressed by font styles and other formatting enhancements, content is all-important in your scannable resume. Equally important is the formatting of your resume in a scanner-friendly manner.

However, regardless of which format you use for your scannable resume, content is essential, beginning with keywords.

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