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Scannable Resume Design

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About Scannable Resumes

Like it or not, we are all caught in the loop of modern technology. Place a call to your favorite store or banking institution and you're usually dealing with voicemail and automated menus, rather than a person in the flesh.

The same is now true when you send your resume to the human resources department of major corporations and, in rapidly-increasing numbers, hiring managers at smaller companies.

Often, dozens to hundreds of individuals submit their resumes for the same job opening. Subsequently, most employers now use optical scanners with accompanying computer software that determines applicant skills and qualifications. That's so they may more quickly "weed out" individuals who don't match the job criteria.

As a result, it's essential for your modern resume to be in a format that scanners and optical character recognition (OCR) software can read. Additionally, your resume should include essential "keywords" related to the job you're seeking and the industry in which you work.

Sound daunting? It's not if you know the tricks of the trade when creating your modern resume. It's called a scannable resume.

Scannable Resume Writing and Formatting Tips

Click on a link below or start with the first link and step your way through, to learn about writing and formatting your scannable resume. Each page in this section links to the next page in the sequence listed below.

Understanding Scannable Resume Technology
Scannable Resume Keywords
Scannable Resume Name Placement
Scannable Resume Contact Information Placement
Scannable Resume Fonts
Scannable Resume Format
Scannable Resume Paper

Scannable resume samples are linked from each page in this section, as below.

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