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Six-Step Resume Writing

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Step Six: Resume Education and Training

Prioritize information that you include in your resume Education section according to:

  • Current career level
  • Purpose of your resume
  • Country where your resume will be distributed

Current Career Level

If you're an entry-level candidate with little or no professional experience, then list your Education section immediately after your Qualifications and/or Skills section. The reasoning for this, is that education is currently your most marketable asset. Include:

  • GPA, if 3.5 or above
  • Awards and scholarships
  • Dean's list mention
  • Coursework relevant to your job search

If you're a professional with five or more years of experience, then list your education section last on your resume. GPA, awards, scholarships and mention of deans' lists are generally not provided in a professional or executive resume, except in those for entrance into graduate school programs.

Purpose of Resume

Resumes sent to admissions directors for graduate school can list Education before Professional Experience or after, as follows.

  • If you have recently completed your bachelor's degree, list Education before Professional Experience.
  • If you have real-world experience related to your graduate degree, list Professional Experience before Education.

Country of Distribution

If you are distributing your resume within the USA, don't include your high school education if you're a college, tech-school or trade-school grad, or have professional experience. The only exception to this rule would be if you're applying for a job with the U.S. Federal government.

When distributing your resume outside of the USA, then, typically, you would include your high school education. Employers in some countries outside of the USA require a detailed resume or curriculum vitae.

Specialized Training

If you have attended college, also include all specialized training that applies to the job you are seeking. If you have not attended college, include all specialized training that applies to your target, occupational field.

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Six-Step Resume Writing
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