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Six-Step Resume Writing

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Step One: Targeting Your Career and Audience

You must have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in your professional life in order to maximize the impact of your resume for your targeted audience—the hiring manager or graduate school admissions director.

Before you begin, ask yourself these questions.  Are you:

1. Making a lateral move?
2. Seeking a promotion?
3. Career transitioning?
4. Pursuing admission into a graduate program?*

For numbers 1-3 above, the most effective way to begin targeting your resume is to search openings that appeal to you in internal company postings, newspaper classifieds or at job banks, such as the top job banks linked below.

After answering the questions above, you can highlight the qualifications you will need to be considered and the duties you would be expected to assume.

Every match in terms of qualifications and experience will serve as keywords** in your resume, as well as provide focus so that the resume can be tailored for your targeted audience.

The more closely the content of your resume matches the content of job postings, the more likely you will be asked to interview.

Let ResumeEdgeResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing give your resume and cover letter an edge!

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* Resumes provided for graduate school admission showcase your skills, professional experience, accomplishments, and academic history in much the same way as "job" resumes.  The difference is that an admissions resume will focus on what transitions well to the classroom, not necessarily to the workplace.

** Keywords include industry-specific jargon or acronyms. Companies that scan resumes into computers and then search them electronically, require a set number of hits on keywords before the hiring manager will personally review the applicant's resume. It is always wise to incorporate as many relevant keywords as possible into your resume.

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