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Six-Step Resume Writing

Brought to you by ResumeEdge — the premier resume writing and editing service on the Web.ResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing

About Resume Writing

A resume has one purpose: to market your skills, achievements, professional background, academic history, and future potential to a prospective employer.

Much like a 30-second commercial, today's resume must provide maximum data as quickly as possible, differentiate you from all other candidates, and be attractively packaged.

Impossible, you think? Not at all.

Writing a winning resume simply takes thought and planning. After all, you wouldn't drive from Los Angeles to Manhattan without mapping the surest route. The same goes for writing your resume.

By following the ResumeEdge© Six-Step Resume Writing Process, you'll gain perspective on your career target and the audience you need to reach, learn how to showcase your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and produce a resume with maximum punch.

ResumeEdge© Six-Step Resume Writing Process

Click on a resume writing step of interest below or follow the steps in order, by clicking on the Next Page links near the bottom of each page.

Of course, if you need professional resume writing assistance, our certified, professional resume writers are on hand 24/7 to provide you with expert, personalized guidance.ResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing Let ResumeEdgeResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing give your resume and cover letter an edge!

Step One: Targeting Your Career and Audience
Step Two: Formatting Your Resume for Maximum Impact
Step Three: Resume Skill Set and Qualifications Summary
Step Four: Resume Accomplishments and Special Skills
Step Five: Resume Professional Experience
Step Six: Resume Education and Training

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