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Writing a Follow-Up Letter

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Hiring managers are seeing more and more applicants for each position and are generally so swamped, that they cannot contact all of them. Nor will they remember most.

Subsequently, writing and sending a follow-up letter is good idea, when you haven't heard about your job candidacy or resume status in a week or so after you've initially applied for a job.

To ensure that your job candidacy or resume gets the attention it deserves, send a follow-up letter to again place yourself in front of the hiring manager. Not only will the hiring manager take note of your continued interest, but you might move ahead of similarly qualified candidates who did not bother to send follow-up letters.

Within the body of your follow-up letter, reiterate your most stellar qualifications that match the job requirements. For ideas, see the professionally-written sample linked below.

To ensure a professional look for your follow-up letter and to maintain consistency, use the same heading that was on your resume and initial cover letter, if sending by postal mail. If sending by email, perfectly acceptable these days, your follow-up letter doesn't have to be quite as formally formatted.

However, never send your follow-up letter as an email file attachment without consent. (Send it in the body of an email instead.) Many employers have set up their email servers to automatically strip off attachments, because they might contain harmful computer viruses.

Follow-Up Letter Sample

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