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Writing a Thank You Letter

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About Writing a Thank You Letter

With countless candidates vying for the same position, to be called in for an interview is a success that not many job seekers experience, especially in a tight job market.

To make the most of your interviews, always write a thank you letter to each of your interviewers as soon as possible after you've met with them. Not only does this indicate your continued interest in the job, but it also shows timely follow-through and professionalism.

It's not a good idea to write a generic form letter to all of your interviewers at the same company. They might compare notes on you and think that you didn't make much of an effort. So, always write a personalized thank you letter to each of your interviewers.

Keep your thank you letter brief, mentioning only the highlights of your interview. This will remind the interviewer of your skills and qualifications.

If there were some matters that you forgot to mention during the interview, such as your ability to work extra hours and take on extra responsibilities, a thank you letter is the perfect way to bring them up. But don't say that you "forgot" to mention such matters. Just work them into your thank you letter.

Sending a Thank You Letter

If sending your thank you letter by postal mail, match it to your resume and cover letter to maintain consistency and professionalism. (Use the same paper, envelope and fonts.) If sending it by email, it doesn't have to be quite as formally formatted. By email is the fastest way to get a thank you letter to an interviewer and is perfectly acceptable these days.

However, never send your thank you letter as an email file attachment without prior consent. (Send it in the body of an email form instead.) Interviewers often avoid opening file attachments, because they might contain harmful computer viruses. In fact, many companies have set up their email servers to automatically strip off attachments for that reason.

Thank You Letter Samples

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