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Sample Resumes

These free sample resumes are provided to you by ResumeEdge, the #1 resume writing and editing service on the Web.Free Sample Resumes from ResumeEdge

About the Sample Resumes

We've provided dozens of free sample resumes below, listed by industry, occupation or purpose, so that you may evaluate the quality of ResumeEdge's work. Of course, you may instead use them as excellent examples for writing or improving your resume on your own. If you have difficulty doing it yourself, give ResumeEdge a try.Professional Resume SampleFree Resume Samples

The "before" versions were submitted by ResumeEdge's clients in the form of current resumes or just the raw data. The "after" versions were written by ResumeEdge's certified, professional resume writers, based on whichever their clients submitted.Professional Sample Resume

To evaluate the quality of work by the professional resume writers at ResumeEdge, compare the "before" sample resumes to the "after" versions. The critiques were written by ResumeEdge's writers, to explain how they created new resumes for their clients.Resume Samples

Note: Some of the "after" sample resumes have no "before" versions or critiques. That's because we've pulled them from elsewhere in the Resume and Letter Center, to give you a larger variety of professional resume samples all in one place.

Sample Resume Categories

Each sample resume category below generally indicates an occupation or purpose, not a particular resume format.

Technical | Executive | Professional | Entry Level
Student | Career Change | Creative | Scannable

If you're looking for professionally-written curriculum vitae samples and format examples, start here.

Technical Sample Resumes

See also the resume sample for Web Designer & Graphics Artist, which includes related software skills in information technology. It's under Creative Resume Samples.

Sample Resume Categories

Executive Sample Resumes

Sample Resume Categories

Professional Sample Resumes

Sample Resume Categories

Entry-Level Sample Resumes

Sample Resume Categories

Student Sample Resumes

Sample Resume Categories

Career Change Sample Resumes

Sample Resume Categories

Creative Resume Samples

Sample Resume Categories

Scannable Resume Samples

Note: Most sample resumes linked above are also scannable, except for those under Creative Resume Samples.

  • Customer Support Representative: After
    This type of scannable resume also goes by other names, such as a plain-text, email or electronic resume. In addition to optical scanning, it's suitable for sending by email and posting at job banks.
  • Information Technology Manager: After
  • Insurance Executive: After
  • IT Director: After
  • Quality Assurance - Operations Manager: After
  • Sales: After
  • Sales and Marketing: After

Sample Resume Categories

For cover letters written or improved by the professional writers at ResumeEdge, see Sample Cover Letters in the Resume and Letter Center.Sample Resumes by ResumeEdge

Let ResumeEdgeResumeEdge Professional Resume Writing give your resume and cover letter an edge!

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