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Sample Cover Letter for Airline Security - Before

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"Before" Sample Cover Letter

Telephone: 760-555-1212
Instructions: I'm trying to get a job with the Federal Gov. You just did my resume and I now need a cover letter.
Situation: Established Professional 
Address: 22 Palm Court; Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
Home phone: 760-555-1212

Where applying: Federal Gov., FAA and airport security

Necessary skills: self starting
Expert in airline operations
Experienced ground security coordinator.
Extensive experience in aircraft accidents.
Three skills and exhibit: worked on 3 accidents as member of USAirways disaster team.
Handled countless calls to the security checkpoint.
Helped train new Ground Security
Coordinates as well as giving recurrent training

Why this firm: 
1- always interested in working for the FAA and also today's security 
environment makes it that much more attractive.

2- This would be a job I'm profoundly qualified to handle.

Two accomplishments: 
1- As manager of attendance control for USAirways I reduced absenteeism from 30% to less than one/half of one percent from 1994 to 2001.

2- Reduced the number of occupational injury claims from 16%to Less than 3% at Pittsburgh airport for USAirways. This made Pittsburgh the best of all large city operations.

Three things that separate me: 
1- Demeanor- I'm supremely self-confident.

2-Career experience- 30+ years in the airline industry.

3- Experience in dealing with Gov. agencies as an airline manager.

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