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Sample Cover Letter for a Project Manager - Before

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About this "Before" Sample Cover Letter

Displayed below is a raw-data cover letter that the client submitted to ResumeEdge, for creation of a new cover letter.Sample Cover Letter

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"Before" Sample Cover Letter

Name: Tracy Gold
Situation: Established Professional
Address: 1919 Berry Lane
Home phone: 760-555-1212
Cell phone: 760-555-1213

Necessary skills: Strong technical accounting and analytical skills
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Ability to work autonomously
Strong organizational skills

Three skills and exhibit: With all of the positions it was required to provide a flawless transition. Circumstances resulted in minimal training and a great deal of self-learning.

Two of the positions held the responsibility of converting accounting software. In addition to staff training, Working autonomously, organizational skills as well as interpersonal and communication skills were demonstrated.

Converting a multi-state payroll from ADP to in-house. With no knowledge as to what a software problem trouble report was, researched then developed the required Fault Profile metric report for the software development program I was working on.

Why this firm: My career goal is to become a project/program manager. To achieve this goal it is important for advancement and training opportunities to be available. In addition, having the ability to work cross functionally to expand knowledge.

Two accomplishments: January 1997- Metric Inc.
The primary reason for this company hiring me was that they were looking for a person that had Timberline accounting experience and had the ability to work with the software consultant, as well, as independently, in completing the conversion of the billing and payroll department. One of the relevant accomplishments was converting a multi-state payroll of approximately 3,000 employees from ADP to in house. This process was accomplished in various stages. The first stage was to setup the new payroll system with the payroll information. This consisted of updating all active employee information including tax information. Tax information consisted of federal and state (taking into consideration any state reciprocity).

The second stage consisted of running parallel payroll systems. During this stage, bugs were worked out. This is a job cost accounting system with separate modules; therefore it was necessary to ensure that the costs within the billing module matched that of the payroll module. One bug that occurred was with a salaried employee. If an employee worked less than the required work week, the payroll module would pay the correct salary, however, the billing module needed an adjustment in order to adjust the cost up or down without over/under charging the client. The solution to this challenge was to create a dummy entry that would adjust the cost in the billing module.

The last stage was the complete transition to the in-house payroll system.

1999- TRRR Associates, Inc.
The development of the Fault profile metric report.
This report is a required program office report for software development. Not having a software development background it was necessary to research and learn what a problem trouble report (or fault profile) was. I then reviewed fault profile data on another program as well as my programs software development plan for determination of report setup and required reporting data.

A data workbook and charts were prepared and submitted in report format to the program office for review and approval.

Three things that separate me: This is difficult for me to answer. I am a motivated and dependable self-starter who will go above and beyond to complete a task. With the last four positions held, each required a person who could work autonomously to met deadlines and problem solve. Minimal, if any, training was offered, therefore, it was my responsibility to explore all my resources to find the solutions and knowledge needed to accomplish the assigned tasks. This hold especially true for the last two positions held.

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See also the "after" sample follow up letter for this client, which was created based on this raw data.

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