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Sample Student Resume for Medical School Admission - Before

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"Before" Sample Resume

Name: Adam Sommers
Situation: Established Professional
Resume type: The skills I have come from a number of sources
Address: 100 Lincoln Square, Washington, DC 20001
Home Phone: 2025551212
Work Phone: 2025551213

Special skills: Work experience abroad; Medical background/interest (applying to medical school for Fall 2003); strong academic background, ability to live/work abroad in developing country, discipline (study habits), writing (I've published one paper), research (I work in a research lab)

Personal attributes: Passion for international relief/assistance, work ethic (3/4 course load while working 30 hr/wk at two jobs), developed interest (well studied) in International Affairs

Like most: I intend to work as an MD in international relief. This degree is necessary

Objective: acceptance in MHS program

Three qualifications: research experience, experience abroad, work ethic

Company name1: Optical Research Foundation
City/State: Washington, DC
Job title1: Laboratory Technician / Lab Manager / Co-investigator

Description1: -collect data (young subjects - 5 years old -- come in with parents for electroencephalographic analysis of visual cortex . . . procedure takes ~1 hr and involves technical and personal skill with young subject and parents) -manage lab (have accountant and secretary under me and principal investigator over me BUT am the only one competent in nonprofit management and the technical aspects of our research) -maintain elaborate computer system and research equipment -write manuscripts for publication

Accomplishment1: Invited to Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute to be trained in Motion Symmetry Visual-Evoked Potential Analysis (MSVEP analysis) equipment. Written two manuscripts on research (one published, other recently submitted). Independently completed two courses in electronics for equipment maintenance*"built the lab" constructed a complex highly controlled visual environment for subject testing, assembled state-of-the-art custom-designed computer-driven EEG analysis equipment, and did custom scientific-grade (low-noise) electrical wiring of the lab.

Begin date2: same as Optical Research Foundation

Company name2: Virginia Optical Center
City/State: Richmond, Virginia
Job title2: Director of Physiology

Description2: EEG Technician
Manage Lab

Accomplishment2: Integrated equipment from successful research trials into clinical practice

Company name3: Maps, Inc.
City/State: Louisville, Kentucky
Job title3: Project Manager

Description3: Designed a computer program for digital travel guide

Research in Global Positioning Systems (politics and technical issues)

-I directed experienced programmers to write the software for my program
-Put together a team for gathering GPS coordinates to sell to travel guide-books

Accomplishment3: Produced THE prototype for a GPS-managed digital travel guide. Recognized as expert in GPS technology

Company name4: The LEARN Program (see resume)

Activities1: Founded DC Ophthalmologists for International relief (D.C.O.I.R.), a nonprofit organization created to assist existing agencies dedicated to ending preventable blindness worldwide by actively recruiting local eye-care specialists for volunteer activities here and abroad

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