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Sample Professional Resume for an Administrative Assistant - Before

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About this "Before" Sample Resume

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"Before" Sample Resume

Customer's Name: Therese Govachi
Customer's Email:
Customer's Contact Phone Number: (757) 555-1212
Customer's Address: 111 Broadway, Newport News, VA 23601
Selected Design: Design 6

Desired Job Type: Admin / Clerical / Secretarial
Desired Industry: ALL Industries
Employment Situation: Established Professional
Special Considerations: I am seeking a new career in an industry in which I have no current experience

Job Description: Administrative Assistant in a finance, advertising, healthcare, accounting or business facility. Organizing and assisting with various projects, computer related, challenging, fun, friendly environment.

Why should an employer hire you?

1. Strong Leadership and organizational skills
2. Hard working and detailed oriented
3. Very knowledgeable with computers
4. Team player
5. Enthusiastic individual who welcomes new challenges and is committed to achieving personal and professional success.

Name three personal attributes.

1. Computer oriented
2. Extremely organized and perfectionist
3. Energetic attitude and motivation to move forward and learn.

List skills, interests, and abilities

1. Computer skills - worked with various computers over the last 6 years.
2. Good telephone skills and customer service. - worked the front desk dealing with different customers for the past 6 years.
3. Ability to tolerate stress and fast pace environment, Hard Worker- worked in a busy Rehabilitation clinic where I treated 14-16 patients and entered all computerized progress note for those patients in one day.

Are you willing to relocate? No

~ Activities and Organizations ~

Virginia Healthcare December 2000- January 2001

Volunteered on the spinal cord unit assisting the recreational therapist with the annual American wheelchair games. (20 hours)

Volunteered in the American Veterans Wheelchair games for Spinal Cord patients in 2001 in Newport News, VA. (20 hours)

~ Computers ~

Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint

~ Experience One ~

Position, Employer, Location
Physical Therapist Assistant , Virginia Healthcare, Newport News, VA USA

8/2001, present

Company Information
Veterans Hospital providing both inpatient and outpatient care. Rehabilitation department (where I work) 25 employees


1. Work under the supervision of Physical Therapists in an acute/subacute setting.
2. Provide care for inpatients and outpatients with various types of musculoskeletal,neurological, vascular and cardiac conditions. Majority of population are geriatric.
3. Schedule and document all patient information in a computer-based system.


1. Since I have worked at this hospital for the last 6 years, the position has provided vast exposure to various areas of Rehabilitation, which has enabled me to become knowledgeable in many areas of inpatient/outpatient care.
2. Very friendly which helped boost our customer satisfaction. Patients were requesting to receive treatment only by myself.

How did the company benefit from your employment?

1. Improved staffing needs assisting the staff Physical Therapist with treating patients, since I was the only Physical Therapist Assistant they could delegate their patients to me making it less stressful for them.
2. Increase productivity, the clinic was able to evaluate more patients with me there increasing the numbers of patients in our clinic.

~ Experience Two ~

Position, Employer, Location
Office Automation Clerk, Virginia Healthcare, Newport News, VA, USA

6/1995, 8/2001

Company Information
Veterans hospital providing the best care to both inpatients and outpatients. Rehabilitation Department (where I worked) 25 employees


1. Expected to cover 2 clinics, Rehabilitation clerical Office and Physical Therapy.
2. Supervised and assisted both the Associate Chief and Program specialist of the Rehabilitation Service.
3. Created and implemented various projects using Excel and PowerPoint for both managers.
4. Maintains effective oral and written communication by engaging in conferences with PM&RS staff to keep them informed of the status of patients and distributes printouts from the computer.
5. Manages day to day administrative functions, which consist of greeting, assisting, scheduling patients, answering telephones, data entry, billing, coding, ordering supplies and making travel arrangements for educational training classes.
6. Assists managers to educate and train students volunteering in our service.
7. Completes all projects, organizational sheets etc by a certain deadline.


1. Fosters professional growth by attending, organizing and actively participating in the PM&R in-service sessions and all assigned total quality improvement programs during the rating period. This allowed employees to be subjected to different continuing educational classes, helping them to learn and broaden their horizon.
2. Maintains and manages a new tracking system that was implemented to better organize the distribution of referrals to and from various medical Clinics. This improved quality and efficiency of patient care. Resolved a major problem of lapsed time for patients to be treated. I identified the problem and took preventive action, with permission of my managers, using my own intuition and creativity.
3. Maintains effective oral and written communication by engaging in conferences with PM&RS staff to keep them informed of the status of patients and distributes printouts from the computer. By starting this team meeting with the clerical staff it help mend the communication problem between therapist/doctors and clerical staff. It opened the door to increase friendliness between staff members.

How did the company benefit from your employment?

1. implemented more efficiency to help promote better patient care.
2. increased customer satisfaction and productivity which led to increase profit for our service.
3. provided energetic, youth to the environment.
4. improved communication skills between staff.
5. have improved the overall quality of our service by utilizing my organizational skills.

~ Education One ~

School and Location
Virginia Health Science College, Newport News, VA, USA

9/2001 - present

Type of School; Degree; Major
College; B.A. Behavioral Science; Sociology

I am presently attending this college and plan to complete my B.A. in 2003. Should I include this in my resume???

~ Education Two ~

School and Location
Virginia State Community College, Newport News, VA

9/1998 - 1/2001

Type of School; Degree; Major
College; A.A.S Physical Therapist Assistant; Applied Science

~ Education Three ~

Virginia State Physical Therapy, Newport News, VA
8/99-9/99 (4 weeks)
Clinical Affiliation I ­ (Student Internship) Private Orthopedic clinic

City Hospital, Newport News, VA
7/00-8/00 (6 weeks)
Clinical Affiliation II ­(Student Internship) Acute inpatient/outpatient Rehab

Masur Nursing Home, Newport News, VA
1/01-2/01 (6 weeks)
Clinical Affiliation III

(Student Internship) ­ Subacute inpatient/outpatient Rehab

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