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Paid Surveys Info

As you might know, marketing research firms and the like have been conducting consumer surveys for years. However, the Internet now makes it easier for them to collect and analyze consumer input than did previous methods. As a result, the Internet has made online paid surveys quite popular.

Each free paid survey site listed in this section is owned by a U.S. or international marketing research firm, data-collection business or a similar organization, that is involved in some capacity with legitimate online paid surveys or other types of paid consumer marketing research.*

For example, some conduct in-person and online paid focus groups, opinion interviews and product reviews, instead of or in addition to online paid surveys. When listed or last updated, none charged fees to join their paid survey sites.

Although the potential to earn from completing legitimate online paid surveys is genuine, you're probably not going to retire early from participating. If you frequently participate in legitimate paid surveys plus higher-paying focus groups, opinion interviews and the like online, in person and by phone, then your earnings could be relatively substantial.

However, earnings for online-only participation are typically in the form of extra spending money or free goods or services, or redeemable points or sweepstakes entries for same. Outside of sweepstakes winnings, large cash payouts are rare. Paid survey takers who work in certain professions might earn more cash than others; regardless, the most reliable paid survey takers usually receive the best paying surveys.

Consumers who've signed up to participate (called respondents or panelists) must be invited to complete paid surveys, join paid focus groups and otherwise earn from paid marketing research. To be invited in most cases, panelists must fit targeted demographic profiles based on location, age, income, gender or other characteristics.

Naturally, you can't possibly fit every targeted profile. So, your earnings will depend on the number of paid survey sites you join and how many invitations you receive from each based on your profile (and perhaps your reliability), how many you decide to fulfill, and how much and in what form they pay. For example, your chances of winning a significant cash sweepstakes prize depends on the number of entrants and winners, and how many times you've entered the sweepstakes by completing surveys.

To create your demographic profile and pay you, paid survey sites must ask for certain personal information during registration or through non-paid "screening" surveys to determine your demographic eligibility for specific paid surveys.

When listed or last updated, all of the free paid survey sites in this section had published privacy policies, confidentiality statements or the like, that effectively promised not to share your personally-identifiable information (e.g., last name and street address) or not to share it without your consent, for purposes other than to qualify and pay you for marketing research. Privacy protection is a marketing research industry standard.

Additionally, all of the free paid survey sites in this section indicated when listed or last updated, that panelists may cancel participation at anytime.

But please don't just take our word for it. We've made a substantial effort to list only legitimate free paid survey sites for your convenience; however, we can't vouch for nor endorse them, as has no control over any of them. They are also subject to change of ownership or policy at anytime, as are all businesses; subsequently, the legitimacy or some other aspect of a free paid survey site might have changed after we listed or last updated it.

To be sure, we recommend that you seek and read the privacy policy, confidentiality statement or the like before registering with any free paid survey site listed in this section (or listed anywhere, for that matter).

We also recommend that you read all other documentation (terms, conditions, FAQs, rules, etc.) for the same reasons, and to ensure that participating in free paid surveys, focus groups, product reviews or other paid marketing research is something you'd really like to do. When you sign up, you are essentially volunteering to be solicited in exchange for the compensation indicated.

Typically, you must be at least 13 or 18 years old to register for paid surveys and other paid marketing research. You might also have to live in a certain country, such as the USA. Additionally, the compensation indicated for each site listed in "Free Paid Surveys" is only a suggestion of what you might earn or win, based on what each site indicates. Be sure to read all of the documentation at each site to check for these and other terms and conditions.

If you have questions, contact the sites directly. When listed or last updated, each free paid survey site in this section provided contact information of some sort.

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