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Free Paid Surveys

Even more free paid survey sites are listed below. Again, the list is free and when listed, none of the sites charged fees for joining their consumer panels. Additionally, none were go-betweens that charged fees for lists of paid survey sites.

If you haven't yet, please read Paid Surveys Info for more information about these paid surveys.

Blarry House Research
A San Francisco-based company that recruits consumer groups for marketing research. Does not conduct paid surveys at this writing; but, it does conduct focus groups, teleconferences, interviews and informal discussions online or in person, for which it pays participants $40 to $150 for up to 2 hours.

Product Testing Services
Get cash, free products or other incentives for testing products and completing online paid surveys. Located in Minneapolis, MN, PTS was a pioneer in online market research.

Shifrin Hayworth
A marketing research company that pays consumers $50 to $250 for studies that typically last from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Pays healthcare professionals $100 to $350 for studies that typically last 30 minutes to 2 hours. Studies are in many forms, including online surveys, one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews and focus groups. Facilities are located in Detroit.

Resonance Survey Panel
Earn cash rewards or entries into cash sweepstakes drawings. Run by Gang & Gang, Inc., Salem, MA.

Buzzback Market Research
Headquartered in New York, it provides online market research solutions for its clients. Explains compensation in email invitations to complete online paid surveys. Unless otherwise noted, it pays by check.

Song People
Music Programming Limited in London conducts market research for the music industry. Awards through drawings with gear such as CDs, DVDs, iPods, VIP concert tickets and digital (DAB) radios. Note: Unlike most of the others listed here, this company allows their clients to see personal information submitted by participants, to verify that survey results are from real people. However, they do not allow their clients to contact you without your "opt-in" consent. Before registering, please read the Privacy Policy for more information.

Wired Insights
Conducts paid online surveys. But it's not clear for whom. At this writing, it seems to be exclusively for the Winston-Salem Journal, a local newspaper. However, they say that when you join the newspaper's panel, you'll also become a member of the WiredInsights panel and have the opportunity to participate in national studies. Perhaps WiredInsights features only one or two clients at a time. Pays through cash drawings.

Your2Cents Opinion Survey Panel
Conducts online and telephone surveys in exchange for several types of rewards and prizes, including a $300 drawing for joining the panel. A marketing research company, founded in 1988 and based in Dallas.
Paid surveys reward with cash incentives. Operated by NOP World, an international market research company with offices in London and East Hanover, NJ. Note: Unlike most of the others listed here, NOP allows their clients to see personally-identifiable information submitted by participants. However, they do not allow clients to use it except for research. (Clients must adhere to NOP's Privacy Policy.) Before registering, please read the Privacy Policy for more information.

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