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International Online Newspapers

Directories that list U.S., Canadian, overseas, national, worldwide and international online newspapers are linked below. Newspapers are still among the best places to find local job listings, and many of the international online newspapers have teamed up with popular job banks.

To find job listings in international online newspapers, look for jobs, careers or work sections, and the traditional help-wanted or employment classified ads.

See also U.S. Online Newspapers.
Search for online newspaper sections and popular state and community resources.

ABYZ News Links
Browse international online newspaper links by region or country.

All You Can Read
A directory of newspapers and magazines globally.

My Virtual Newspaper
An international news and reference directory with newspaper listings.

Net Papers
Search for U.S. and international online newspapers in a variety of ways.

News Link
Browse U.S. newspaper links by state or major metro area and international links by continent. Includes U.S. national newspapers.
Browse or search U.S. and international newspapers and other publications in several ways.

The Paperboy
Search for U.S. and international newspapers by name, city, state or country.

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