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Thank You Letters

Thank you letter samples, examples, templates, formats and writing tips are below, for following up after job interviews. Links to samples and templates that you may download for free are included.

It's professionally courteous to send a thank you letter to each of your interviewers, as soon as possible after your interviews. Interviewers expect it, and it'll help to keep you in their minds. It might even help you to beat out job candidates who are equally qualified, but who fail to send thank you letters as you did.

Writing a thank you letter is also your second chance to include something you forgot during an interview. Additionally, it will help to confirm your understanding of topics and issues discussed, so there's no misunderstanding later. Keep a copy just in case.

By email or FAX is the fastest way to send a thank you letter, and either is acceptable these days. Ask for business cards or contact info during your interviews.

Regardless of how you send it, write it professionally in a business letter format, tailored and personalized for each interviewer. However, if you're sending it by email, it doesn't need to be quite as formally formatted as it would if you were sending it by regular mail or FAX.

More thank you letter writing tips are linked below. We've also included a link to sample thank you letters and a template that you may download for free, right here from

Download a Thank You Letter Sample or Template
Download for free from and tailor it for your personal use. Each is in a business letter format, and of a file type suitable for most word processors.

Download a Thank You Letter Template
Microsoft offers several flavors of free, interview follow-up and thank you letter templates, already formatted with example paragraphs you may edit and save. You can preview the templates in your browser, but must have Microsoft® Word installed on your computer to edit and save them. Includes templates for resumes and other employment letters.

Job Interview Thank You Letter Writing and Samples
Job-searching expert Alison Doyle briefly explains the importance of sending thank you letters after job interviews, and provides a variety of samples, examples, templates and formats.

Sample Thank You Letter - Conservative & Formal
Yet, it "maintains a warm, personal style within a traditional format" according to JobWeb.

Sample Thank You Letter - Creative & Informal
Since the writer knew the interviewer beforehand, she sent this personal note (originally handwritten) vs. a formal, typed business letter. But she still followed the recommended format and content guidelines. From JobWeb.

Ten Tips for Writing Winning Thank You Letters
Just that, plus a template showing format (layout) while explaining the three essential paragraphs. Includes a sample. From Mississippi State Cooperative Education Program.

Thank You Letter Format
A couple of quick tips along with a simple example in business format. Part of the larger Interviewing Successfully section from Pomona College.

Thank You Letter Format
A brief format and style guide in letter form, explaining the three essential paragraphs with an example of each. Includes a sample plus a job-offer acceptance letter tossed in for good measure.

Thank You Letter Samples
Several for a variety of situations, along with dozens of sample resumes and cover letters. Free from a resume writer and author, to promote her services.

Thank You Letter Writing Tips
To whom to send them and when, about content and personalization, sending via email vs. U.S. mail, and other tips. Courtesy of Boston College.

Thank You Note Samples provides a variety of free sample thank-you notes for different situations, including job interviews. Also provides tips for sending them after interviews.

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