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Thank You Letter Sample

This free thank you letter sample is for after an interview with an HR representative, who might have the final say as to whether or not you're hired.

You may download, personalize and otherwise edit this free thank you letter sample to send to your interviewers after job interviews, or just use it as an example to write your own. It's an RTF file format, which is compatible with most word processors (such as Microsoft® Word) and safe to download.

But first, please read the Important notice below, which includes the download link.

Because of differences in the way that Web browsers and word processors display pages, the format of the thank you letter sample displayed below differs slightly from the download version created in a word processor.

If you prefer a plain-text (ASCII) version, just copy the text of the thank you letter sample from your screen and then paste it into a word processor or text editor, such as Windows® Notepad. You might lose some formatting in doing so, but it won't be hard to fix.

This thank you letter sample is in a full-block style, business-letter format. But when emailing thank you letters, they don't necessarily need to be quite as formally formatted.

For example, you could delete the letterhead, date and recipient's address if you wish, because an email will automatically include informal equivalents. It's a good idea to keep at least the salutation (Dear...) and complimentary close (Sincerely...), but you can change them to your preference.

[Your Name]
[Street • City • State • Zip Code]
[Phone # • Fax phone # • Messages phone # • Email]




[HR representative's name]
[Company name]

Dear [HR representative's name]:

Thank you for scheduling my interviews for the [job title] position at [company name].

I am pleased with the benefits [company name] offers and impressed with its [products, success, industry standing, etc.]. I'd greatly appreciate the chance to contribute to its future success. After completing my interviews today, I am confident that my qualifications are in line with the requirements of the job.

As promised, I will fax my completed job application to you by Friday afternoon. I've double-checked with my references. They are all ready and available to talk with you, should you decide to contact them.

In closing, I just have to mention that, while going over the events of the day, I again laughed about your interviewing "horror story." I enjoyed your sense of humor.

Thanks again for your efforts. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. The best way to reach me is through my cell phone, by dialing [area code, number].

I hope to soon hear from you, to discuss my future with [company name].


[Sign here]

[Your name, title]

cc [Names for copies]

Important! You may download (or copy) this thank you letter sample only for personal use. Reprinting it in whole or part in any media without expressed, written permission, is a violation of U.S. and international copyright laws, even for noncommercial use. has made no expressed or implied guarantees, warranties or other representations of any kind about the results of your using this free thank you letter sample after interviews. If you use this free thank you letter sample, you do so at your sole risk. shall have no liability associated with your using this thank you letter sample for any reason.

Download Thank You Letter Sample

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