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Sample Thank You Letters

Download and edit one or more of the free, sample thank you letters linked below to send to your interviewers after job interviews, or just refer to them as examples to write your own. A thank you letter template is included. All are preformatted in a full-block style, business-letter format, each with a letterhead that you may personalize.

Interview thank you letters are also referred to as interview thank you notes or interview follow-up letters. Regardless, always send one to each of your interviewers as soon as possible after interviews. It demonstrates that you're professional and courteous.

More importantly, interviewers expect you to send them, as it's been a standard business courtesy for years. In fact, surveys have indicated that a significant number of interviewers would have a lower opinion of or would deny employment to job candidates who don't send thank you letters.

Editing a Sample Thank You Letter

The files for the sample thank you letters are of the rich-text format (.rtf) type, which makes them editable in most word processors (such as Microsoft® Word) and safe to download.

When editing a sample thank you letter, tailor and personalize it for each interviewer with whom you've interviewed at the same company. It's not unusual for interviewers to compare the results of a job candidate's series of interviews. Sending the same "form letter" to each of your interviewers might indicate that you didn't make much of an effort.

Sample Thank You Letters

Sample Thank You Letter
#1 demonstrates confidence and gratitude, and includes something the writer forgot to mention during the interview.
  Thank You Letter Template
Suggests how to write an interview thank you letter and provides the format. But, it's not set in concrete.
Thank You Letter Sample
#2 is for after an interview with an HR representative, who might have the final say as to whether or not you're hired.
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