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Sample Recommendation Letters

Linked below are sample recommendation letters and a letter of recommendation template, that you may download, print or copy.

Each is preformatted in a full-block style, business-letter format with a customizable letterhead. The files are in rich-text format (.rtf), which is compatible with popular word processors and safe to download.

Sample letter of recommendation is the formal term for sample recommendation letter. We use those terms plus variations throughout this section, to mean the same thing. But we don't mean to confuse you; we do so to make it easier for all of our visitors to find the samples when searching the Web or

The main difference between a letter of recommendation and letter of reference regarding employment, is that the first typically includes a recommendation to hire the individual, while the latter typically doesn't.

About Using a Sample Letter of Recommendation

If you are asked to write a letter of recommendation, don't promise to do so unless you're sure that you can write an effective one. Only one poorly-written letter of recommendation is all it takes to lose a job opportunity for the job seeker you intended to help! Tips for writing recommendation letters are in the template linked below. The samples ought to help too.

If you're a requestor, you might offer a sample recommendation letter to your references as an example, to help ensure that they don't blow your chances. Just because they are your references doesn't mean that they know how to write effective recommendation letters. In fact, they might be relieved that you offered an example.

Additionally, it might be a good idea to refresh your references' memories about your skills, accomplishments and such before they write your recommendation letters, especially if it's been awhile since you worked with them. Send each of them the latest version of your resume, too. If your job role has changed, tell them about it, so they may picture you in it.

The more specific recommendation letters are regarding your desirability as an employee, the better. So, it follows that the more you equip your references to do a good job of writing them, the better.

Sample Recommendation Letters

Sample Letter of Recommendation
For an above-average employee.
  Sample Recommendation Letter
For an average, but rock-solid employee.
Sample Letter of Recommendation
Explains that an above-average employee was laid off through no fault of his own.
  Recommendation Letter Template
Suggests how to write a recommendation letter and provides the format.
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