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Salary Requirement Letters

Salary requirement letter samples, examples and formats are linked below. You may download them for free, to comply with or tactfully sidestep a salary requirement letter request. See also Salary History.

What's the difference between a salary requirement and a salary history?

A salary requirement is the minimum annual salary or range that you'll accept. (Unless an employer requests otherwise, it's a good idea to offer a range verses an exact figure, to leave the door open for salary negotiation.) You'd state it in your cover letter or in a salary requirement letter, depending on what employers request.

A salary history is a list of the starting and ending salaries (or ballpark annual ranges) you've earned at each employer you've listed on your resume. You'd include it with your cover letter or resume, or send it separately, depending on what employers request.

In either case, ballpark salary figures will do. In both cases, never volunteer the information. You might strictly limit your negotiation power if your salary is low. Worse, even if it's only slightly high, you might never land interviews in the first place.

Most career advisors recommend that you try to tactfully sidestep the issue altogether, until the negotiation stage of interviews. (There are letters below that help you do just that.) But, it's entirely up to you.

There's a shortage of good salary requirement letter samples, examples, templates, formats, etc. on the Web. But, fortunately, we offer good salary requirement letter samples and formats. We've listed them below among others and as previously indicated, you may download them for free (no strings attached).

All from us are standalone salary requirement letters. But, once downloaded, it's an easy matter to paste the text into your cover letter and then tweak it.

Salary Requirement Letter Sample
Provides a firm salary range, but leaves the door open for negotiation. To see the "blanks" filled in, refer to the matching Salary Requirement Letter Example. From

Salary Requirement Letter Sample
Helps you to tactfully sidestep a salary history request and offer a firm, but somewhat negotiable, minimum-range salary requirement instead. From

Salary Requirement Letter Template
Microsoft offers salary requirement letter templates, already formatted with sample paragraphs that you may edit and save. Also includes resume and other employment letter templates. You can preview the templates in your browser, but must have Microsoft® Word installed on your computer to edit and save them.

Sample Letter to Sidestep Salary Requirement
Helps you to tactfully sidestep providing your salary requirement letter up front. It attempts to land an interview so you may first learn more about the job, and then negotiate your salary requirement. From

Sample Salary Requirement and Negotiation Letter
Not from us, but we thought it might be useful just the same. It's a sample letter in response to a job offer. Among other things, it counteroffers the initial salary that the employer offered. From Quintessential Careers, which also offers several other salary negotiation tips including a salary negotiation tutorial.

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