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Salary Requirement Letter Example

This salary requirement letter example states a negotiable range in a full-block style business-letter format. (It matches our Sample Salary Requirement Letter, but has the "blanks" filled in.) An example is all it is, as employers or recruiters might ask for the exact minimum salary that you're willing to accept.

Workers, especially white-collar workers, typically obtain their largest salary increases by landing new jobs. Whether or not you're changing jobs to get a raise, it's still a good idea to check salary surveys to ensure that you're not cheating yourself.

Due to cost-of-living increases, the industry-standard salary range for your occupation and "rank" might have become more generous than your most-recent merit raise reflects.

It's also a good idea to resist the urge to "beef up" your minimum salary requirement too much, in an attempt to obtain a huge raise. You might inadvertently price yourself out of contention for the job, before you even get to an interview to negotiate a raise.

But don't under-price yourself either. Again, check salary surveys.

See Salary Requirement Letters for the sample form of this and other salary requirement letter examples, that you may download for free and edit for personal use. Included is a salary requirement letter example that tactfully sidesteps an employer request for same, by attempting to land an interview to first discover more about the job.

John Q. Public
123 John's St. • John's City • MO • 63300
Cell: 408-555-0000 • Home: 408-555-0001 •


November 1, 200x


A. Smith
XYZ Corporation
456 Corporate Park Dr.
John's City, MO 63300

Dear Ms. Smith:

This is in reply to your request for a salary requirement letter.

My salary requirement is in the mid-to-high $80K range. It is negotiable depending on the requirements of the Sr. Engineer job and employee benefits offered by XYZ Corporation.

Thanks for your interest. I'm looking forward to interviewing with you. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to again contact me.



John Q. Public
Sr. Engineer

Important! This free salary requirement letter example is only for personal use. Reprinting this free salary requirement letter example in whole or part in any media without expressed, written permission, is a violation of U.S. and international copyright laws, even for noncommercial use. does not tolerate copyright infringement and aggressively pursues violators through legal means. Copyright infringement will cost you six figures in U.S. dollars. has made no expressed or implied guarantees, warranties or other representations of any kind about the results of your using this salary requirement letter example to state or negotiate salary or wages. If you use it, you do so at your sole risk. shall have no liability associated with your using this salary requirement letter example for any reason.

To download this free salary requirement letter example or others strictly for personal use, see Salary Requirement Letters.

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