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Salary History

Salary history samples, examples, templates, formats and writing tips are linked below, along with answers to the questions:

  • Why do employers insist on poking their noses into my salary history, something I might not even tell my best friend?
  • Must I comply with an employer's request to include my salary history with my cover letter or resume?
  • Are there ways of tactfully sidestepping a salary history request, without blowing my chances of landing the job?
  • What's the difference between a salary requirement and a salary history?

To answer the last question first, a salary requirement is the minimum annual salary or range that you'll accept. You'd state it verbally or in your cover letter or salary requirement letter, depending on what employers request.

A salary history is a list of the starting and ending salaries (or ballpark annual ranges) you've earned at each employer you've listed in your resume. You'd include it with your cover letter or resume, or submit it separately, depending on what employers request.

Answers to the remaining questions are in the links below. Meanwhile, most career advisors would recommend that you never volunteer your salary history (or salary requirement), but rather wait until potential employers specifically request it.

Why lock yourself in on the low side or risk rejection on the high side, before you even get a chance to negotiate salary?

It's a good idea to resist the urge to "beef up" your salary history, as potential employers might double-check your earnings with each of your employers during employment background checks. If you want a raise while changing jobs, then it's a better idea to negotiate it during interviews based on your true salary history.

See also Salary Requirement Letters.

Download a Salary History Sample, Example, Template or Letter
Download a salary history sample, example or template for free from us and edit for personal use. Also includes free sample salary history letters, to help you tactfully sidestep requests for same. All are in a business-letter format with a letterhead, and of a file type suitable for editing in most word processors.

Download a Salary History Template
Microsoft offers salary history templates and salary requirement templates, already formatted with sample paragraphs you may edit and save. Also includes resume and other employment letter templates. You can preview the templates in your browser, but must have Microsoft® Word installed on your computer to edit and save them.

Example Salary History
In an easy but acceptable format. From Webster College, as a Microsoft Word (.doc) fie.

Salary History Sample - Resume Cover Letter
A quick way to insert it near the bottom of your cover letter.

Why are employers and recruiters so nosey about my salary?
According to the President of Lloyd & Associates, employers and recruiters ask for your salary history or requirement just so they can determine if your salary is within range for the jobs they're offering. On the other side of the controversy, The Headhunter indicates that employers have a hidden agenda. Subsequently, he suggests how to avoid, sidestep and challenge salary requests, yet still have a good shot at landing a job.

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