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Salary History Sample

This free salary history sample states exact starting and ending salaries for each job, rounded to the nearest whole number ("exact" enough). If you prefer to state only ballpark ranges or try to tactfully sidestep a salary history request, see Salary History Samples. See also Salary Requirement Letters.

You may download, personalize and otherwise modify this free salary history sample or just keep it handy as an example to write your own. It's an RTF file format, which is compatible with most word processors (such as Microsoft® Word) and safe to download.

But first, please read the Important notice below, which includes the download link.

Because of differences in the way that Web browsers and word processors display pages, the format of the salary history sample displayed below differs slightly from the download version created in a word processor.

If you copy and paste this salary history sample from your screen instead of downloading it, the format might not stay intact.

When personalizing this salary history sample, ensure that the contact information you list for your employers leads to where they store your personnel records. Employers typically store them wherever the central human resources (HR) department is located. Contact your employers if in doubt. List employers in descending chronological order, with your most recent first. Match your resume.

Resist the urge to "beef up" your earnings when personalizing this salary history sample. Be aware that, during employment background checks, employers with whom you're interviewing might double-check your earnings with your former employers.

[Your Name]
[Street • City • State • Zip Code]
[Phone # • Fax phone # • Messages phone # • Email]


Salary History

ABC Company
456 Any Lane
PO Box 123
Any City, CA 12345
Phone: (123) 555-1000
Fax: (123) 555-1001
Title: Sr. Technical Writer
Starting: $48,500
Current: $52,600
Plus: Benefits and stock options

CDE Company
567 Any Drive
Any City, CA 12345
Phone: (123) 555-2000
Fax: (123) 555-2001
Title: Technical Writer III
Starting: $42,000
Ending: $46,200
Plus: Benefits and semi-annual bonuses

DEF Company
678 Any Parkway
Any City, CA 12345
Phone: (123) 555-3000
Fax: (123) 555-3001
Title: Technical Writer II
Starting: $35,000
Ending: $40,300
Plus: Benefits

Important! You may download (or copy) this salary history sample only for personal use. Reprinting it in whole or part in any media without expressed, written permission, is a violation of U.S. and international copyright laws, even for noncommercial use. does not tolerate copyright infringement and aggressively pursues violators through legal means. The penalty for copyright infringement is six figures in U.S. dollars. has made no expressed or implied guarantees, warranties or other representations of any kind about the results of your using this free salary history sample to state or negotiate salary or wages. If you use this free salary history sample for any reason, you do so at your sole risk. shall have no liability associated with your using this salary history sample.

Download Salary History Sample

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