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Resignation Letters

Below are resignation letter writing tips, along with samples, examples and templates, some of which demonstrate a proper resignation letter format by business letter standards. We've provided plenty of resignation letter samples, examples, templates, formats and such, because that's what most people want more than "instructions" on how to write them.

But, if you want our further two cents, some of the resignation letters below say too much, as do many of the samples and examples on the Web.

The sole purpose of your resignation letter is to document that you resigned your job and when. Your former employer will likely file it for legal reasons, just in case you sue the employer for some reason down the road. So, it's best to keep yours short and simple. Never document what you might later regret! (Read Writing a Letter of Resignation for more info. It's also linked below.)

With that in mind, we've provided a link to a variety of properly formatted sample resignation letters right here at, that are better suited for the purpose.

You may download your choice for free and tailor it for personal use, no strings attached. We've also provided a free resignation letter template, for which you may do the same.

Because a resignation letter is formally referred to as a letter of resignation, we've included both terms below and throughout the rest of this section.

Download a Sample Resignation Letter or Resignation Letter Template
Download a free sample resignation letter of your choice right here from, and tailor it for personal use. Also includes a free resignation letter template you may download and personalize. Each is in a proper resignation letter format and of a file type suitable for editing in most word processors, such as Microsoft® Word. For writing tips, read Writing a Letter of Resignation, which provides the same link as above along with format examples.

Download a Resignation Letter Template
Microsoft offers a few flavors of resignation letter templates for free, already formatted with example paragraphs that you may edit and save. You can preview them in your browser, but must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer to edit or save them.

Example Resignation Letter
An excellent example of just how simple a letter of resignation should be, courtesy of President Richard Nixon, and the National Archives and Records Administration. If anybody ever had much to say about resigning his job, it was Nixon; but, he wisely didn't in his letter of resignation. It's a good idea to closely follow his example, whether you're leaving on good or bad terms.

How to Write a Resignation Letter
Job Searching Guide Alison Doyle briefly explains what does and doesn't belong in your resignation letter, and provides examples, samples, templates and formats.

Resignation Meeting
Reveals the hidden agenda behind a resignation meeting (also called an exit interview), and explains why accepting a counteroffer is probably bad idea for your career. Also includes tips for handling the aftereffects of being "The Quitter", plus a resignation letter sample. See also the sample resignation letter here at, that attempts to head off an anticipated counteroffer.

Writing a Letter of Resignation
How to write a resignation letter. Provides tips about what to say and what not to say, and explains why. Includes a link to samples that you may download and provides simple examples that demonstrate a business format. An article right here at, also linked above.

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