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Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation writing tips, samples, examples, templates and formats are linked below. (Less-formally called recommendation letters and reference letters.) Includes links to free letter of recommendation samples and templates you may download for your own use or to give to your references as examples.

Giving your references examples is a good idea, because not everybody knows how to write such letters. Your references might be glad you offered. So might you!

It's also a good idea to ask for a letter of recommendation that explains why employment termination wasn't your fault, if that's the case.

For example, it's no secret that employers often use the cover of layoffs to unload problem employees, to avoid the potential legal hassles of outright firing them. Subsequently, a letter of recommendation that explains why termination wasn't your fault and praises your performance might be a good thing to offer, when an interviewer asks why you left your job.

Regardless of why you left your job, employers with whom you're interviewing might be satisfied with letters of recommendation, verses pestering your busy references by phone. All it takes to blow it for you, is one unanswered reference call or a hurried response to it. Better yet, you'll already know what your references have to say about you.

Asking for a Letter of Recommendation
How and whom to ask. Also includes guidelines for writing one. From Seeking Success.

Download Letter of Recommendation Sample or Template
Download a free, job-related sample or template from right here at Tailor it to recommend an employee or offer it to your references as an example for recommending you. The three samples and template are in a business letter format, and of a file type suitable for editing in most word processors. Take your pick.

Letter of Recommendation Example
Simple and effective, three-paragraph example from Career Consulting Corner. (Listed as Example: To Whom it May Concern Letter.)

Reference and Recommendation Letter Samples and Examples
Just about everything you need to know about writing or requesting reference or recommendation letters, with several samples and examples. From Alison Doyle, Job Search Guide at

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