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Technical Job Fairs

Link to the schedules of high-tech, technology and technical job fairs, job expos and other career events across the U.S.

Many so-called high-tech, technology and technical job fairs lean toward information technology (computer) jobs. But most include other technical job opportunities too, such as those in engineering, electronics, telecom, semiconductor, aeronautics and biotech.

What's the difference between a technical job fair and a technical career fair? Technically speaking, a job fair is for landing technical jobs and a career fair is for exploring technical careers. But it's common for employment-related Web sites to use either term to mean technical job fairs. Commonly, technical job expo is just a fancy term for technical job fair.

Schedules professional, healthcare, technical and mostly general job fairs across the U.S.

Dice Technology and Engineering Job FairsTop Job Bank - Click for More
Dice, a top job bank in the technology category, hosts job fairs across the U.S. and lists them by date and city. Job fairs include those that require security clearances to qualify for some to all of the jobs offered. See also Targeted Job Fairs by Dice.

TechExpo Top Secret
Schedules job fairs for candidates with security clearances, including information technology professionals, encryption, intelligence and communications specialists, engineers, analysts, linguists, military personnel, and others. Jobs typically require at least two years experience. See also Homeland Security Jobs.

State Unemployment Office
Your state's unemployment office might sponsor or list local job fairs, as many do. You don't have to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits to take advantage of the services offered by your state's unemployment office.

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