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Local Job Fairs

Link to job fairs, job expos, career fairs and other career events sponsored by newspapers, small event-planning companies, employers, job banks, churches and other local organizations.

Local job fairs are typically hard to find on the Web, likely because there's little reason to publish the pages for national exposure. Local job fair pages come and go rather quickly anyway. If you can't find what you're looking for below, one of the best places to check for local job fairs is in your city and township newspapers.

What's the difference between a job fair and a career fair? Technically speaking, a job fair is for landing jobs and a career fair is for learning about careers. But it's common for employment-related Web sites to use either term to mean job fairs. The same goes for job expo.

Local job fairs by Colorado Career & Job Expo.

Delaware Valley
The nonprofit Business Development & Training Center co-sponsors general (various occupations), local job fairs.

East Coast
Equal-opportunity, diversity job fairs for sales, management, information technology, engineering and telecom professionals. Partner of TechExpo. Both favor states along the East Coast (at this writing).

Carousel Expos sponsors job fairs around the state, typically of the general type (various occupations).

Massachusetts and Minnesota
Job Fair USA schedules general job fairs, and favored Massachusetts and Minnesota at last check (located in Lakeville, MA). But they say they'll soon be spreading out.

CareerLink lists current info about local job fairs of all types in Nebraska. Maintained by the Applied Information Management Institute.

New Jersey
Superior Job Fairs specializes in local job fairs in NJ.

Lists and sponsors job fairs in Philadelphia. Sometimes includes job fairs in Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland.

Seattle, WA
Northwest Career Expo schedules job fairs mostly in the Seattle area.

State Unemployment Office
Your state's unemployment office might sponsor or list local job fairs, as many do. You don't have to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits to take advantage of the services offered by your state's unemployment office.

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