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Diversity Job Fairs

Link to schedules of diversity job fairs, job expos and other diversity career events, at event producers' Web sites.

All USA job fairs provide equal employment opportunity (EEO). However, diversity job fairs are special EEO events targeted to minorities, ethnic groups, military veterans, disabled people, women and other groups that are underrepresented in the workplace. Still, because the idea behind them is to provide equal employment opportunity, diversity job fairs are open to all comers, as are all public job fairs.

What's the difference between a diversity job fair and a diversity career fair? Technically speaking, a diversity job fair is for landing jobs and a diversity career fair is for learning about careers. But it's common for employment-related Web sites to use either term to mean diversity job fairs. The same goes for diversity job expo.

Diversity Expo
Produces equal-opportunity sales, management, information technology, engineering and telecom career fairs. Partner of TechExpo. Both favor states along the East Coast (at this writing).

Diversity Job Fairs
General, diversity job fairs typically offering many types of equal-employment opportunities in major cities around the U.S.

Equal Opportunity Job Fairs
A publisher that lists the job fairs at which its diversity publications will be distributed among attendees. Also produces its own diversity job fairs.

HireDiversity Diversity Job Fairs
Offers resume posting, job searching and the occasional diversity job fair for candidates who are underrepresented in the workplace.

Military Job Fairs & Career Events
TAOnline, a job bank for military veterans, soon-to-be veterans, reservists and retirees transitioning to civilian or civilian-military jobs, lists related job and career fairs by various sponsors.

Minority Professional Network Diversity Job Fairs
Lists a variety of equal-opportunity career events, including diversity job fairs.

National Black MBA Association
Sponsors an annual conference and diversity career fair. Some of its local chapters sponsor diversity career fairs year round.

PSI Diversity Job Fairs
Locate diversity job fairs produced in the U.S. by Personnel Strategies, Inc. Produces diversity job fairs for the NAACP, among other organizations.

State Unemployment Office
Your state's unemployment office might sponsor or list local job fairs, as many do. You don't have to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits to take advantage of the services offered by your state's unemployment office.

Women for Hire
Produces job fairs for women across the U.S. Tory Johnson, CEO is also the author of Women for Hire's Get-Ahead Guide to Career Success.

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