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Temp Agencies

Temp agencies are linked below, including the oldest and most popular. Temp agencies is short for temporary help agencies. They hire employees to work temporary and temp-to-permanent jobs at companies that are clients of the agencies.

Employees who work for temp agency clients are typically referred to as temporary employees or just temps for short.

Temps are sometimes referred to as contractors too, short for contract employees, because their temporary job assignments are contractually arranged.

Working for temp agency clients is often referred to as temping. It's also sometimes referred to as contracting, because of the contractual arrangements.

Note: Consultants and independent contractors are also referred to as contractors, because they too work for companies through contractual arrangements; however, they are self-employed, while temps are employees of temp agencies or other staffing firms.

Some people work through temp agencies for only a relatively short time, to test career changes, gain real-world employment experience after graduating, bridge an income gap when between permanent jobs, land permanent jobs through temp-to-permanent jobs, or as an avenue to quit dreaded permanent jobs as soon as possible.

Others make a career out of working through temp agencies because they like the frequent change in scenery, flexible work hours or the challenge of ever-changing working conditions.

Tip: This targeted section is for your convenience. But lots of job banks list temporary employment opportunities from temp agencies among the other jobs they list; so, be sure to check job banks too, such as the Top Job Banks. See also Freelance Jobs and Contract and Consulting Jobs.

Adecco is among the largest and oldest employment agencies with USA and international job opportunities, including contract and temp jobs. It was the official temp agency for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. See also Adecco Technical.

American Staffing Association
Find a temp agency that serves your zip code, through this professional association that sets the standards for U.S. staffing firms. Provides tips for selecting same.

With over 70 offices in 17 countries, it staffs for permanent and temp jobs in marketing. Jobs within marketing include those requiring technical expertise, such as Web design and computer programming.

Kelly Services
This well-known employment agency lists U.S. and international, permanent and temporary jobs across numerous industries.

Part-time, full-time, permanent, contract and temp jobs in the USA and globally. Provides a Career Resource Center with resume, interviewing and networking tips. Established in the USA in 1948, Manpower is one of the oldest among temp agencies and other staffing firms.

Net-TempsTop Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More
Permanent, temp-to-perm and temporary employment in the USA and Canada, through registered staffing and temp agencies. Post multiple resumes or build them online step-by-step, choose resume privacy options, receive customized job notification by email, and access a wide range of career articles, tools and resources.

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