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Start-Up Company Jobs

Job banks and other Web sites that feature start-up company jobs or just start-up companies in the U.S., overseas or both, are linked below. Also called startup company jobs.

Typically, a start-up company has been in business for about ten years or fewer and may or may not be profitable. Technology, Internet and biotech companies are among the most common startups today. Most technical start-up company jobs in the U.S. are concentrated in and around Northern California's Silicon Valley.

Tip: If you see the abbreviation IPO when searching for start-up company jobs and don't know what it means, it stands for initial public offering. An IPO means selling shares of stock to the public for the first time, to raise capital. A privately-held start-up company that has not yet "gone public" but intends to, is often referred to as a pre-IPO start-up.

Some workers have become well-off to wealthy after landing jobs at start-up companies, by receiving hundreds to thousands of shares of pre-IPO stock options as a fringe benefit or to offset low pay. However, landing a start-up job can also be risky to your financial situation, as there is no guarantee that the company will be successful. Many start-ups fail within their first few years.

Subsequently, you might want to ask these nine questions when interviewing for start-up company jobs.

Garage Technology Ventures (Start-Up Companies)
A California-based venture capital bank that funds high-tech start-up companies. No longer lists start-up jobs at this writing. But, under Portfolio, it does link to start-up company Websites, where you may search for jobs or at least find contact info.

Startup Zone
Start-up company jobs is the focus of this recruitment site. Includes a list of pre-IPO startups organized by industry, and job-searching and resume facilities.

Top Startups
Start-up company job-search and resume facilities. Includes links to profiles and the employment sections of startup company Web sites, organized by industry.

Search for jobs and internships in the U.S. and internationally, at venture-backed start-up companies.

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