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Silicon Valley Jobs

Linked below are job banks and career sites that specialize in or typically list a significant number of Silicon Valley jobs. First up is an introduction to the region and its jobs, in case you're wondering What and where is Silicon Valley?

About Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the nickname for a region in Northern California. It's centered near the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay, generally referred to as the South Bay Area.

In a nutshell, Silicon Valley is the high-tech mecca of the world. Dozens of U.S. and international high-tech companies each have a branch office in Silicon Valley, if not a park-like campus ringed with office buildings comprising headquarters.

Major corporate players include IBM, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft and Google, to name only five. Several high-tech start-up companies have achieved success in Silicon Valley and typically, several are in the process.

In other words, Silicon Valley is "High-Tech Heaven". In good times there are often more high-tech Silicon Valley jobs than workers, which just as often creates a job-seekers' market.

Silicon Valley got its nickname from the fact that the element silicon is the base ingredient in computer chips, coupled with the fact that it's a valley flanked by mountain ranges. San Jose is nicknamed the "Capital of Silicon Valley" while Sunnyvale is nicknamed the "Heart of Silicon Valley". Both are in Santa Clara County, which is synonymous with Silicon Valley.

About Silicon Valley Jobs

High-tech Silicon Valley jobs include those in information technology, engineering, semiconductor, science and telecommunications. Silicon Valley jobs typically include plenty of "low-tech" jobs too, along with consulting opportunities of both the high- and low-tech kinds. Of course, the needs of such a large concentration of corporate techies creates jobs of all kinds, such as those in health care and retail.

Salaries for high-tech Silicon Valley jobs are typically higher than for the same jobs elsewhere; but, the cost of living is higher too. (Housing is shocking!) It's a desirable place to live and work, and cost of living is directly proportional to desirability. In addition to jobs aplenty, it's a beautiful area with great weather, a high standard of living and an attractive lifestyle. Subsequently, Silicon Valley jobs draw workers from around the world.

Silicon Valley Job Banks

First up below and on the next page are top job banks that typically list a significant number of Silicon Valley jobs, followed by others arranged alphabetically.

Tip: Searching on city names, verses Silicon Valley, might return better results at some job banks. The cities of Santa Clara County host the largest concentration of high-tech Silicon Valley jobs, particularly San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. To increase your chances, don't overlook Bay-Area cities in San Mateo and Alameda Counties. Search Scotts Valley and San Francisco too.

Silicon Valley Jobs from IndeedTop Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More
The "Google" of job searching lists plenty of Silicon Valley jobs, by searching thousands of online employment sources lightning fast. Will send you email updates for your specific search and provides handy job-search tools for free. See also the clickable list of Silicon Valley Jobs from Indeed, in the left navigation column.

Silicon Valley Jobs from Job.comTop Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More
Lists many types of jobs and consulting opportunities, including high-tech. Advanced-search location choices include California-Silicon Valley. Offers confidential resume posting, jobs by email, salary info, and several other tools and resources.Silicon Valley Jobs from

Silicon Valley Computer JobsTop Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More
One in a collection of regional, IS and IT job banks stemming from, a top job bank in its category. This one specializes in N. California, where Silicon Valley computer jobs are located. Features include job searching, resume posting and career resources.

Silicon Valley Technical JobsTop Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More
Dice, which is among the top job banks listing technical employment, provides a metro search specifically for Silicon Valley jobs, and contract and consulting opportunities. Accepts resumes and sends job lists by email.

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