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Know before you go! Research U.S. military job, career and training opportunities in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air and Army National Guard for enlistees, officers and reserves. Includes information on ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) and military pay and benefits. Also includes resources for military retirees and active-duty personnel, and their families and friends.

If you want to work a military job without enlisting or after you've served, see Civilian Military Jobs.

Did you know? It was the Navy SEALs, an elite military group, who got Osama bin Laden. SEAL stands for sea, air and land, meaning that SEALs are uniquely trained and equipped to conduct special operations ("special ops") in any environment.

Air Force Link
Centralized resources for Air Force personnel and those thinking about joining. Includes news, career info for enlisted personnel, officers, civilians and reserves, Air Force history, Airman Magazine online, and multimedia such as photos, online radio and artwork.

Air Force Recruiting
All about enlisting or becoming an officer in the U.S. Air Force. Explore careers, education and Air Force life, and chat live with an advisor about your future.

Air Force Reserve
About joining the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), information for reservists and their families, and links to AFRC units, publications, forms and news.

Air Force ROTC
About the Reserve Officers Training Corps, colleges that offer the ROTC program, help with scholarships and college expenses, and a section for researching Air Force ROTC careers.

Air National Guard Recruiting
About enlisting or becoming an officer in the U.S. Air National Guard. Read about the Air National Guard and its history, locate units across the U.S., explore careers, learn about boot camp (basic training), and get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Army Home
This gateway to everything Army includes news, leaders' profiles, links to jobs, careers and civil service (civilian military jobs) with the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard, info about Army schools and bases, and more.

Army National Guard Recruiting
How to enlist or become an officer in the U.S. Army National Guard. Read about the Army National Guard and its heritage, explore careers paths, learn how to earn college money, and request more info.

Army Recruiting
All about enlisting or becoming an officer in the U.S. Army. Topics include basic training (boot camp), Officers Candidate School, jobs (military occupational specialties), officer professional careers, solider profiles, and GI Bill, ROTC and reserve info. Also offers a live chat feature and recruiting contact info.

Army Reserve
All about joining the Army reserves. Topics include basic boot camp training, military occupational specialties, officer professional careers, solider profiles, and GI Bill and ROTC info. It too offers a live chat feature and recruiting contact info.

An overview of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), scholarship information, colleges that offer the Army ROTC program, incentive programs, and details about the ROTC Nurse Officer Program.

Coast Guard Home
About the U.S. Coast Guard and its role in homeland security, a look at its aircraft and cutters, news, jobs, career paths, units and locations, history, facts, and links to related resources.

Coast Guard Recruiting
Research active-duty jobs and careers for enlisted and auxiliary personnel, officers, reserves and civilians. Get answers to frequently-asked questions about joining, read about scholarships, request more information, and locate local recruiters.

Coast Guard Reserve
A no-frills, informational page about Coast Guard reserve programs, and how to go about joining up for jobs that matter. Includes links to recruiter contact info and more information.

College Credit for Military Programs
Learn about receiving college credit for military training and service, from the American Council on Education.

The Department of Defense provides this guide to news, publications, multimedia, and U.S. military and government Web sites. Includes loads of helpful links for those thinking about joining the armed forces, as well as active-duty personnel and their families and friends.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Information about vocational rehabilitation, the GI Bill (education benefits) and employment services for U.S. veterans. See also Veterans' Preference Advisor below.

Destiny Group
A recruiting outfit started by an ex-Army officer, to recruit officers, NCOs, enlisted personnel and military spouses for civilian companies.

Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve
The National Committee of Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve is an agency within the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. Its Web site explains employer responsibilities and reservist-employee rights under related laws and regulations, such as The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

Marine Corps Home
This portal to Marine resources includes the recruiting site, info for Marines, civilians and retirees, current operations worldwide, news, family resources, events, publications, and locator information for active-duty Marines.

Marine Corp Officer Programs
All about becoming an officer in the Marines, including Regular Officer Programs, Reserve Officer Programs (ROTC), Enlisted-to-Officer Programs, and Law Programs.

Marine Corps Recruiting
Learn about becoming a Marine Enlistee or Marine Officer, get info on basic training or Officers Candidate School, explore military occupational specialties or officer programs, read answers to frequently-asked questions, find out what "Semper Fi!" means, and request more information about joining. Includes sections for parents and advisors.

Marine Forces Reserve
Resources include career info, unit locations, news, family services, publications and locating reserves on active duty. Includes a link to the recruiting site.

Merchant Marine
Contrary to popular belief, the Merchant Marine is not a military organization—it's a fleet of privately-owned ships regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD). However, the Merchant Marine does have Coast Guard, Naval Reserve and other military connections. Mariner jobs are offered by ship owners directly or through maritime unions, crewing agencies, or schools. Training, licensing or military experience might be required.

Military Opportunities
Info about enlisting in the U.S. military from, a non-government, career-oriented site for teenagers and young adults.

Military Career Guide
Search or browse for details on dozens of enlistee and officer occupations, plus the civilian counterparts for which you'll qualify after your military tour of duty. Includes training, advancement, and educational opportunities within the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. An official government Web site.

Military Pay and Benefits
What everybody really wants to know before joining, courtesy of Military Compensation, an official government Web site. Includes current active-duty and reserve pay tables, housing and subsistence allowances, retirement pay calculators, the variety of benefits available, and savings plans.

My Pay
Allows active-duty, civilian-military and retired personnel to manage their military pay, earnings, leave, W-2s and more, online from anywhere.

Naval Reserve Force
Explains the basics, opportunities, benefits and more, for those who have and haven't previously served in the military.

Navy Home
Main sections include Navy Web Sites, Leadership, What's New, Current Photos, Careers, Organization, Newsstand and Ships.

Navy Recruiting
All about serving in the U.S. Navy. Includes enlistee and officer career and education info, what to expect along the way (from your first steps, through basic training into active duty), and info about the elite Navy SEALs. Also includes info for active-duty personnel, veterans, and relatives, friends and advisors.

Learn about becoming an officer in the Naval Reserve, through the Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps Program.

Selective Service
About the Selective Service and military draft. With few exceptions, all male U.S. citizens must register for the military draft when they turn 18 years old, and stay registered through age 25. You can register and check your registration online.

A job bank for military veterans, soon-to-be veterans, reservists and retirees transitioning to civilian or civilian-military jobs.

U.S. Military
A comprehensive guide to all things U.S. military from Includes original articles, message forum, chat room, products, and loads of links categorized by subject. Useful for recruits, veterans, and active-duty personnel and their families and friends.

U.S. Military Personnel Locator
Want to reach a friend or loved one serving his or her country? The Department of Defense lists personnel locator contact info for each branch of the U.S. military.

Veterans' Employment and Training Service
VETS is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. It provides resources and services to help veterans succeed in the work force, and protects veterans' rights under related laws and regulations. Includes a variety of resources to advise veterans and reservists of their benefits and rights, such as The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) Advisor, and the Veterans' Preference Advisor listed below.

Veterans' Preference Advisor
If you're a veteran or disabled veteran of the U.S. military, use this simple, online advisor gizmo by the Department of Labor, to determine your eligibility for veterans' hiring preference in government jobs. When you apply for their jobs online or otherwise, government agencies will likely ask where you stand in the point system. Prepare in advance right here.

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