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Linked below are sites that focus on freelance jobs or list enough of them among other jobs to be included here. Freelance jobs typically may be worked from home, if you have the right equipment and credentials. The jobs are often referred to as projects, while freelances are also referred to as freelancers.

Freelance jobs at the sites below typically include (but are not limited to) writing, photography, engineering and computer gigs. Freelance computer jobs typically include Web-application graphic design, development or programming.

It's a common practice for freelance job agencies to charge commissions (finders' fees) for landing freelance jobs, or membership dues or subscription fees to access or bid on freelance projects.

That's because employers don't particularly like to pay fees for hiring self-employed non-employees, which is what freelances are. But freelance job agencies must earn revenue somehow to continue providing their services; so, they typically charge freelances.

Such fees are usually small compared to resulting income. Employers are typically willing to pay freelances well because they don't have the same costly burdens that they do for employees, such as benefits and tax withholding. Some might even be willing to reimburse you for finders' fees, if you negotiate same.

Regardless, some of the freelance job sites below charge only for enhanced services, while providing basic services for free. Some others provide all services for free, but the saying "You get what you pay for!" might hold true. You be the judge.

See Contract and Consulting Jobs for job banks that list gigs for independent contractors and consultants.

Staffs for permanent, freelance, consulting and contract jobs in technology, business, and creative and additional fields. Serves major U.S. metro areas, Canada and other countries. Stores your online profile, sends employment opportunities by email, and offers articles and advice for contractors, consultants and freelances.

I Freelance
Lists freelance employment opportunities of many types. Search for projects and post your profile to submit your bids. Requires a small, monthly, membership fee, but doesn't charge commissions (at this writing) on gigs you land.

Programming From Home
Lists direct, contract and freelance jobs with telecommuting options from its network of computer job banks, including Telecommute-Jobs, Jobs For Networkers and Jobs For Programmers. Telecommuting ranges from part to full time. Resume posting and job searching are free, as are details of jobs with part-time telecommuting. Details of those with full-time telecommuting require a subscription.

Telecommuting Freelance Jobs
Computer-related, engineering, photography, writing and other gigs with telecommuting options. Most gigs are typically short-term freelance jobs, offered by individuals and small businesses. This site tries to filter out work-at-home scams, but it's probably a good idea to proceed with caution anyway. Viewing job details and using the resume builder requires a subscription.

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