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Civilian Military Jobs

Civilian military jobs, direct from the U.S. armed forces and Federal government agencies that oversee or cooperate with the armed forces in some capacity. Also includes USAJobs, the official government job bank operated by the Office of Personnel Management. It too lists civilian military jobs.

Civilian military jobs are for workers who wish to work for the U.S. military in some way, shape or form, but without enlisting. You don't have to be a veteran to land a civilian military job, but it might help. If you're looking to enlist in the military or just want to know more about it, see Military Jobs.

Did you know? Qualified ex-military members are entitled to veterans' preference in hiring and retention for government jobs, including civilian military jobs.

Air Force Civilian Military Jobs
At this writing, Air Force civilian military jobs are listed through USAJobs, the U.S. Government's official job bank (linked below). Learn about the application process here.

Army Civilian Military Jobs
Join the U.S. Army without enlisting. Offers civilian military jobs and an entry-level Management Intern Program.

Careers in National Defense
Learn about and search for military and other defense-related jobs for civilians, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). See also the resources provided by the Civilian Personnel Management Service, the human resources department for the DoD's civilian workforce.

Central Intelligence Agency
Browse high-tech, science, engineering, clandestine, analytical, medical, psychiatric, professional and many other positions, including civilian military jobs for transitioning veterans. The CIA also offers Undergraduate Student Trainee (Co-op), Internship, and Graduate Studies Programs.

Civilian Military Jobs in Information Technology
Job bank focused exclusively on direct and contract defense, aerospace, and homeland security jobs offered by companies and recruiters worldwide. Part of the Defense Talent Network, which lists more than just IT jobs. Not affiliated with the military or government. But many of the jobs it lists are with companies that have military or government contracts.

Civilian Military Personnel Wages & Benefits
All about wages and benefits from the U.S. Department of Defense, Civilian Personnel Management Service.

Coast Guard Civilian Military Jobs
Learn about civilian military jobs at the U.S. Coast Guard Civilian Personnel homepage.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Includes jobs with the VA, plus information about vocational rehabilitation, education benefits and employment services for U.S. veterans.

Destiny Group
A recruiting outfit started by an ex-Army officer, to recruit officers, NCOs, enlisted personnel and military spouses for civilian companies.

Federal Jobs Digest
Lists communications, computing, engineering and other government jobs. Includes a do-it-yourself (DIY) Federal resume builder and advice for writing same. Not affiliated with the government.

The government's official Web portal for U.S. citizens, private businesses, and Federal, state, local and tribal government employees. Find online services, jobs, intern and contract opportunities, forms, benefits, agencies, and just about anything else "gov'ment."

Government Jobs at Job.comTop Job Bank (Most Popular) - Click For More
This popular, U.S. job bank with a primo domain name offers many types of direct, entry-level and consulting jobs in most industries, including government. Search for government jobs, post multiple resumes confidentially, receive job notification by email, and access career resources for job seekers.

Marine Corps Civilian Military Jobs
The U.S. Marine Corps employs a diverse, civilian military workforce, comprised of individuals with a broad range of technical, science, business, and program management skills.

Merchant Marine
Contrary to popular belief, the Merchant Marine is not a military organization — it's a fleet of privately-owned ships regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD). However, the Merchant Marine does have Coast Guard, Naval Reserve and other military connections. Mariner jobs are offered by ship owners directly or through maritime unions, crewing agencies, or schools. Training, licensing or military experience might be required.

National Security Agency
The NSA offers government jobs in intelligence, security, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, cryptanalysis, signal analysis and foreign languages. Also offers education-related employment and training programs for college and high school students.

Navy Civilian Military Jobs
Search and apply for international civilian military jobs with the Navy and Marine Corps.

Office of Personnel Management
As the "The Federal Government's Human Resources Agency," it's the central hiring authority for many Federal agencies. Jobs are listed by USAJobs, the central government job bank on the Web (listed below).

Public Service Employees Network
Offers resources and services for landing government jobs and for current civil service workers. Some resources and services cost. Not affiliated with the government.

Student Government Jobs
A joint project between the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and Department of Education, just for high school and college students. Search for Federal and civilian military employment, including apprenticeships, internships, co-op work-study programs, and temporary and summer opportunities. Also build an online resume you can print locally, research Federal agencies, and receive new opportunities by email.

A job bank for military veterans, soon-to-be veterans, reservists and retirees transitioning to civilian or civilian military jobs.

The U.S. Government's official, central site for local, city, state and Federal government jobs. (It lists many government jobs, but not all, as some agencies do their own hiring.) It's important to follow Uncle Sam's application instructions to the letter. If you find the government application process as confusing as many do, it's a good idea to read an authoritative book on the matter or hire a professional resume writing service to help you meet the strict, documental requirements. Avoid companies that promise to make it easier or guarantee you'll land a government job by paying a fee, as they're likely scams.

Veterans Job Bank
Doesn't specialize in civilian military jobs, but it does centralize private-sector (nongovernment) job listings for veterans from various job banks and directly from employers. An Obama Administration initiative provided through the National Resource Directory, an official government site in partnership with the Departments of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs.

Veterans' Preference Advisor
If you're a veteran or disabled veteran of the U.S. military, use this simple, online advisor gizmo by the Department of Labor, to determine your eligibility for veterans' hiring preference in government jobs. When you apply for their jobs online or otherwise, government agencies will likely ask where you stand in the point system. Prepare in advance right here.

Washington Center for Internships
Arranges academic, college student internship programs in the private, government and nonprofit sectors for a semester, summer or quarter. Works with hundreds of colleges and universities to place interns. A nonprofit organization not affiliated with the U.S. government, except through internship arrangements.

White House Jobs
Employment information for the Executive Office of the President, maintained by the United States Office of Personnel Management. See also USAJobs above.

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