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Writing Interview Thank-You Letters
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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Second Interview

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A company brings a candidate back for a second interview (and sometimes, even a third and fourth interview) for a number of reasons.

For example, your interviewers might just want to confirm that you are the amazing worker they first thought you to be, or they are having difficulty deciding between you and one or more other candidates for the same job.

Other times, a company schedules a second interview because the interviewer's supervisor or other decision makers want to gain a sense of you before they make a final hiring decision.

The second interview could go in a variety of directions and you must prepare for each of them. When meeting with the same interviewer again, you do not need to be as assertive as you were in the first interview.

In the second interview, you can focus on cementing rapport, understanding where the company is going and how your skills mesh with the company vision and culture. Still, try to make the interviewer view you as the answer to the company's needs.

You might find yourself negotiating salary in a second interview, which is typical. Alternatively, you might find that you are starting from scratch with a new interviewer. If so, be consistent, as your second interviewer is likely to compare notes with your first.

Tips for managing the second interview are listed below.

  • Be confident. Accentuate what you have to offer and your interest in the position.
  • Probe tactfully to discover more information about the internal company dynamics and culture.
  • Walk into a second interview with a plan for negotiating salary, but don't bring it up until your interviewer does.
  • Be prepared for anything, such as to overcome the company's qualms about you.

Send a thank you note to each of your interviewers.

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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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