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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Common Interview Question Samples

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Sample interview questions with example answers continue below.

How would your colleagues or supervisor describe you?

Ineffective: I guess they would say that I am a hard worker who is successful.

Effective: My supervisor and colleagues have described me as a dependable worker. My supervisor appreciates that I prioritize tasks and manage my responsibilities, so that he can rely on me. My manager told me that I have a sixth sense for markets and I learn new information and procedures quickly. She was also impressed by how well I led my team. These skills account for my two promotions in three years.

What can you offer us that other job candidates cannot?

Ineffective: I have a unique combination of skills. I also really want the job.

Effective: I have a track-record of multiplying wealth through investments and developing strategies with teams. Since I have a JD, I also know what legal parameters and loopholes affect families and individuals planning their finances.

My CFA training not only shows that I will succeed in the CFP courses, but also gives me a broader view of why financial plans work as they do. Since I am organized and self-motivated, I will add value to the company without requiring much tending and supervision.

What about this job attracts you? What is unattractive?

Ineffective: I like that it is in the field I am targeting. I don't like the commute that it will require.

Effective: This job maximizes on both my skills and goals. I will be able to merge my knowledge of law and markets, while strategizing for the sound financial future of my clients. Since this is a small company, I imagine that there will be opportunity for increased responsibilities and challenges. I share the values of the company.

I am not eager to do much data processing, but the position is still very attractive.

How long do you see yourself staying with us?

Ineffective: I don't want to make any hasty commitments, and I like to keep my options open. Maybe I will be here for one year, maybe for five. It depends.

Effective: I see myself here as long as we both think that I am contributing to the vitality of the company, while I continue to grow through new challenges.

How would you describe your ideal working environment?

Ineffective: A laptop and cell phone on a beach sound ideal to me. Short of that, I would like an environment in which I am able to work as I please, without much supervision.

Effective: It is important to me that my company has clear objectives and strives for success. Similarly, I like having colleagues whom I admire for their skills and perspectives. When communication is clear between colleagues, our energy becomes synergy. In addition, I find that I flourish when given discretion after having gained the trust of my supervisor.

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Common Interview Question Samples
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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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