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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Negotiating Salary

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Identify Your Interests

Both you and your potential employer probably have concerns or aspirations that are not strictly monetary. For example, you might want training without having to pay for it. The employer can satisfy this interest in more than one way, such as by building a cushion into your salary that would cover schooling costs or just paying for the schooling on your behalf.

Before you start negotiating salary, prioritize your various interests and identify things of value that you are willing to trade for something else.

For example, is salary in hand more valuable than the potential, but risky, reward of stock options? Are flex hours more important than a guaranteed promotion in six months?

When you negotiate the terms of the deal, discover what your employer's various interests are. For example, maybe the salary negotiator cannot go above sixty-five grand and still maintain equity of salary within the company.

But maybe the negotiator can offset a concession on your part by paying for your education, offering stock incentives, or giving you a signing bonus. Be creative.

Compete but Cooperate

If the salary negotiator is using hardball tactics, like being forceful, brisk or patently stubborn, you will do better not to just lie down and take it. If you encounter a negotiator who wants to play hardball, respond strategically. Do not allow the negotiator to bait you. Remember your goals and why your requests are fair. Withhold information that might weaken your position.

On the other hand, if the negotiator makes a concession, it is important that you also appear cooperative. You might need to make a concession as well. Negotiating salary is not about winning, as much as it is a dance toward a goal.

When dancing, each person makes moves with reference to the moves of the other person. When both people dance together, it becomes less likely that either person will suffer bruised toes or damaged egos.

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Negotiating Salary
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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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