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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Interview Tips, Techniques and Types

Job interview tips, techniques, types, sample questions and virtual practice from the Web are linked below. Includes common, telephone, group, panel, case and behavioral interviews. But first, our two cents.

Telephone interviews are pretty much the same as the common type. But employers typically use them to initially screen candidates for face-to-face interviews. They'll likely ask common questions.

For the group interview type, you'll gather with other interviewees to discuss topics and answer questions as individuals or teams. It might also include role-playing exercises. The purpose is typically to see how you act amongst your peers.

In a panel interview (aka "tag-team") type, you'll face a "firing squad" of several interviewers all at once or in succession. The purpose is typically to see how you act under pressure. For both group and panel interviews, you'd prepare by practicing the other types.

The behavioral interview is one of the toughest. Interviewers ask questions about how you reacted in certain job-related situations, in an attempt to anticipate your future behavior on the job.

Case interviews are even tougher. Also called stress, situational and hypothetical, they typically consist of "what if..." scenarios (cases) you must resolve on the spot. Employers conduct them mostly for management and business-related jobs or consulting gigs. But technical interviews sometimes consist of case-like exercises, called brainteasers.

If you're specifically looking for technical question samples, tips, techniques, brainteasers and such, see Technical Interview Tips, Techniques & Questions.

See the Interview Center right here at for more interview tips and sample questions.

Behavioral Interview Tips
Job Searching Guide Alison Doyle explains the purpose of a behavioral interview, how it differs from the traditional interview and tips on how to prepare. She also provides samples of common behavioral interview questions.

Behavioral Interview Tips
About the tricky questions and a three-step approach for answering them. Includes examples. Courtesy of CareerJournal by The Wall Street Journal. Lots of other interview tips and techniques.

Case Interview Sample
Capital One provides an online, step-by-step, sample business case interview. It's to help its interviewees succeed, but might be helpful practice for a business case interview at any company. It's among the few of its kind on the Web.

Group Interview Tips
In a nutshell, what a group interview is, what interviewers measure and what not to do.

How Do I Explain Getting Fired?
Your options, in an article here at

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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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