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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Job Interview Question Samples

Samples of job interview questions are linked below. Many of the resources also indicate what interviewers are seeking and suggest answers or ways of responding. Includes common, behavioral, case, tough and other types of questions, plus virtual interview practice.

See the Interview Center right here at for more interview tips and sample questions.

Behavioral Interview Questions
Job Searching Guide Alison Doyle explains the purpose of a behavioral interview, how it differs from the traditional interview and how to prepare. She also provides samples of common behavioral interview questions.

Behavioral Interview Questions
Samples of the types of questions asked, grouped by skill.

Common Interview Questions with Answers
Eleven of the most common with suggested ways of answering from recruiters. Back up a page for more interview articles.

Entry-Level Job Interview Questions
Standard questions interviewers might ask for entry-level jobs, but most also apply for any job interview. Includes other interview resources for students and recent grads, such as general tips and questions to ask.

Job Interview Questions and Answers
40 of them with model answers from Resume Magic, a resume writing service. Includes questions to ask, plus illegal questions and their legal equivalents.

Technical Interview Questions
Brainteasers "which have been floating around some Internet circles" and offered by a software engineer for programmers. But he indicates that he's not about to answer them for you. See also Technical Interview Tips, Techniques & Questions.

Virtual Interview Practice
Questions with multiple-choice answers that give you immediate feedback after you click on them, courtesy of Western State College of Colorado.

Virtual Interview Practice
Look for the drop-down box to choose from among several occupational fields, including Internet and Technology (IT), to practice answering "puffball to killer" questions online. offers many more resources. Register with Monster to manage your job search, post your resume and customize your jobs by email options. It's all

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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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